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    Energy Efficient Topology Control in Multi-hop Wireless Networks based on One-hop and Two-hop Neighbor Information 

    Maw, Min Min Thet; Kunagorn Kunavut (2016-07)

    Topology control in multi-hop wireless networks is a technique used to control nodes' activities to construct a topology with an acceptable level of network connectivity while minimizing energy consumption. It can be broadly classified into two main paradigms which are State Scheduling and Transmission Power Control. Both of them have received lots of attention from many researchers for decades. According to Transmission Power Control technique, most of them take into account only one-hop neighbor information to optimize transmission po...
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    Myanmar Paper Currency Recognition Using GLCM and k-NN 

    Hlaing, Khin Nyein Nyein; Gopalakrishnan, Anilkumar Kothalil (2016-01)

    Paper currency recognition depends on the currency note characteristics of a particular country. And the features extraction directly affects the recognition ability. Paper currency recognition is one of the important applications of pattern recognition. This paper aims to present a model for automatic classification of currency notes using k-Nearest Neighbor (k-NN) classifier that is the most important and simplest method in pattern recognition. The proposed model is based on textural feature such as Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix (G...
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    Experimental Study on Image Reconstruction from Spatial Correlation-based Optical Flow Motion Vector over Non Gaussian Noise Contamination using Reversed Confidential with Bilateral Filter 

    Darun Kesrarat; Vorapoj Patanavijit (2016)

    In motion estimation, noise is a verity to degrade the performance in optical flow for determining motion vector. This paper examines the performance of noise tolerance model in spatial correlation-based optical flow for image reconstruction from motion vector where the source sequences are contaminated by non Gaussian noise. There are Poisson Noise, Salt & Pepper Noise, and Speckle Noise. In the experiment, several standard sequences in different styles are used and the applied combination model of reversed confidential with bilateral...
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    An Effective Test Case Selection for Software Testing Improvement 

    Adtha Lawanna (2015-11)

    One problem of testing software is selecting the suitable test cases from the test suit regarding the size of the programs. If the size of selected test cases is big, then it can affect the whole performance of software development life cycle. Accordingly, it increases testing time and produce many bugs. Therefore, this paper proposes the improvement of software testing for selecting the appropriate and small number of test cases by considering the amounts of the functions modified, lines of code changed, and numbers of bugs produced af...
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    An Effective Model for Case-Based Maintenance in Cased-Based Reasoning Systems 

    Adtha Lawanna (2015-11)

    Case-based reasoning systems have been applied for machine learning, artificial intelligence, knowledge-based systems and other related fields in order to provide the right solution to the right problem regarding the four processes, which are the process to retrieve, reuse, revise, and retain cases. This paper focuses on the last process because it produces two main problems, which are the size of a case base increase and the ability of preserving the competency decreases. These critical issues are occurring when repeating the cycles of...
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    Thailand’s ICT Readiness for the Asean Economic Community 

    Jittima Wongwuttiwat (2016)

    ICT development in Thailand and the other ASEAN members must be prepared for the environment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) which will start formally at the end of the year 2015. The Ministry of ICT in Thailand has established several ICT policies and programs for ICT administrative management in both public and private enterprises in order to create a strong network of relationships to deal with competitors in ASEAN. This study compares Thailand with the other ASEAN Plus 3 member nations based on their stage of economic developmen...
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    Adaptive Membership Functions for Handover Decision System in Wireless Mobile Network 

    Thanachai Thumthawatworn (2016-03)

    Wireless mobile networks in the future are envisioned to demand more intelligent handover decision mechanisms to achieve seamless mobility and services. Fuzzy logic algorithms were proposed to enhance the handover decision process in recent years. However, most proposed algorithms deploy fixed fuzzy membership functions (FMFs). This approach gives an unsatisfactory network selection performance when different traffic types (service options) are required. In this work, we are proposing a new approach to handover decision system (HDS) design....
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    The Impact of Internet Banking Service on Customer Satisfaction in Thailand: A Case Study in Bangkok 

    Rangsan Nochai; Titida Nochai (2013)

    The purpose of this study was to find the internet banking service dimensions that will have the impact on customer satisfaction among top three banks in the Bangkok area: Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank and Siam Commercial Bank. Questionnaires were used to collect data from 450 respondents by using quota sampling. Multinomial logistic regression analysis was employed to obtain the important internet banking service dimensions that have the impact on customer satisfaction. Results showed that providing 24hours-7days service, completing a ta...
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    Vendor Selection Strategy for IT Outsourcing: The Weighted-Criteria Evaluation Technique 

    Boonlert Watjatrakul (2012-07)

    Purpose – Most firms select their information technology outsourcing (ITO) vendors based on the two methods of the weighted-criteria evaluation technique – the “qualification score plus the lowest bid price for the highest price score (QS-LBHPS)” and the “qualification score plus the average bid price for the middle price score (QS-ABMPS).” This paper aims to understand whether these two methods provide the same or different results of vendor selection and how the proportional weights of a vendor’s qualification and bid price affect the ve...
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    Error Control for Network-On-Chip Links 

    Batovski, Dobri Atanassov (2013)
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    The Mobile Communications Handbook 

    Batovski, Dobri Atanassov (2012)
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    IT Design Skills Selection for Professional Development 

    Jittima Wongwuttiwat; Adtha Lawanna (2016-02)

    IT professionals in these days need to obtain multidisciplinary skill sets in order to succeed in their career. Design skill is considered as one of important characteristic for IT professionals. Many researches addressed design skill sets differently. This results in an increasing numbers of design skill items, in which some of those items have their meaning slightly different from each other. These long lists of design skill items can cause to long range of questionnaire. This study evaluates three techniques used for items selection which he...
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    Exploring the Effects of Openness to Experience and Theory of Consumption Values on Online Learning Adoption 

    Watjatrakul, B. (2016-04)

    Personality traits and perceived product values are increasingly used to explain how people adopt innovative technologies. However, their relationships and effects on online learning adoption are ill-defined. This study investigates one of the common personality trait - openness to experience - and the value dimensions of theory of consumption values - functional (quality and monetary) value, social value, emotional value, epistemic value, and conditional value - to understand students’ intentions to adopt online learning. The study used a s...
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    Dimension Independent Cosine Similarity for Collaborative Filtering using MapReduce 

    Shen, Fei; Rachsuda Jiamthapthaksin (2016-02)

    DIMSUM, an efficient and accurate all-pair similarity algorithm for real-world large scale dataset, tackles shuffle size problem of several similarity measures using MapReduce. The algorithm uses a sampling technique to reduce `power items' and preserves similarities. This paper presents an improved algorithm DIMSUM+ with a complex sampling technique to enhance DIMSUM so that it is able to further reduce `power users'. The algorithm generates k-nearest-neighbor matrix that are used in collaborative based Recommender systems. The evaluations of ...
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    A System for Popular Thai Slang Extraction from Social Media Content with N-Gram Based Tokenization (KST 2016) 

    Rachsuda Jiamthapthaksin; Pisal Setthawong; Nitipan Ratanasawetwad (2016-02)

    With increased penetration of smart devices and internet connectivity, many Thais are more readily engaged in social media, online forums, and chat groups. As there is an increased consumption of social media content, there is a shift from the consumption of traditional medias in which formal language are used regularly such as broadcast and traditional print medias. Social media posts are a reflection of the trend, where posts usually made by younger generations usually involve communication in slang and non-formal language which is not typica...
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    Clustering Analysis on Alumni Data Using Abandoned and Reborn Particle Swarm Optimization 

    Paulus Mudjihartono; Thitipong Tanprasert; Rachsuda Jiamthapthaksin (2016-02)

    Alumni data is one of the most important data that university management uses for developing the learning process decisions. This paper applies the idea of Abandoned and Reborn PSO (AR-PSO) to convert a clustering problem into the optimization form with an objective function to minimize the ugliness of the desired clusters. This algorithm of Clustering using AR-PSO (CAR-PSO) is slightly adapted to the cluster problem domain. The generated clusters need to be examined to decide if they are acceptable. There are three evaluations; the closeness, ...
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    A Novel Adaptive Topology Control in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks based on Connectivity Index 

    Kunagorn Kunavut (2015-11)

    Mobile ad hoc networks or MANETs are infrastructureless wireless networks where each node can freely move and directly connect to the other nodes located within its transmission range to form the topology in any arbitrary pattern. Hence, to ensure network connectivity, each node tends to use the maximum transmission power to extend its transmission range. However, this maximized transmission range typically consumes more energy and consequently drains battery faster on mobile devices in these networks. Topology control is an effective technique...
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    Distance measurement with smartphone using acceleration model of hand movement 

    Eakawat Tantamjarik; Thitipong Tanprasert (2016-02)

    This paper proposes a novel method to obtain the displacement of a smartphone movement. The method utilizes genetic algorithm to synthesize a mathematical model of acceleration based on behavior of a person's hand movement from the raw acceleration data. Then, double integration is performed on the synthesized acceleration model, which is significantly less affected by the noise accumulation. The raw acceleration of the hand's movement is calibrated initially using acceleration-time graph analysis and a modified version of peak detection based ...
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    Robust Global Based Spatial Correlation Optical Flow in Bidirectional Confidential Technique with Bilateral Filter 

    Darun Kesrarat; Vorapoj Pattanavijit (2015-11)

    Noise is one of the main factors that impact the performance of optical flow where the result in motion vector of optical flow is degraded. Many areas in advance require a result of optical flow as a preprocessing such as super resolution image reconstruction, robot vision, motion estimation, edge detection, motion tracking and etc. Then, the accuracy in the result of motion vector from optical flow is very importance. This paper introduces the robust model of optical flow by using bidirectional confidential technique together with bilateral fi...
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