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    A review of emotional intelligence: Is it a trait or ability? 

    Nuchada Dumrongsiri (2009-05)

    Since the 1990s, emotional intelligence has gained enormous attention as a new construct that supplements cognitive intelligence in predicting life success. Cognitive intelligence has long been a traditional predictor of academic and business success. However, general intelligence explains about 20% of the factors that determine success in life (Golemen, 1995; Mayer & Salovey, 1997). Then, approximately 80% of life success is variously distributed among other factors such as personality traits, social skills, and environment. Emotional inte...
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    Understanding the identity of the Thai Muslim Community of Kudi Khao in Thonburi, Bangkok 

    Penchan Phoborisut (2008)

    Kudi Khao or Bang Luang Community is one of the oldest Thai-Muslim communities in Bangkok. Its history can be traced back to the time of the late Ayudhaya Dynasty. Some Thai Muslims migrated to the south of the Chao Phraya River. After the subsequent capital, Thonburi, was established, some had settled along the river near the capital where their descendants have resided until the present time. This Thai-Muslim community is located among diverse neighboring communities which today boast the motto of “One sub-district2, three religions." Ku...
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    Measuring the Effect of student satisfaction on students motivation 

    Marissa Chantamas (2009-11)

    This research studied student satisfaction and its influence on motivation for study. In this view students are not simply people who come to receive a service but are active participants because they are part of the institution's organization. Therefore, assessing student satisfaction on multiple dimensions are important for the strategic planning in the educational institution. The measurement used is based on SERVQUAL, which divides the service component into five dimensions. Another measure is based on the Motivated Learning Strategies...
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    An analysis of support goals: a perspective from support providers 

    Nuchada Dumrongsiri (2009)

    People need support from family and friends to cope with everyday stresses and crises. However, people do not always perceive support as helpful or appropriate. Whether support is viewed as helpful or hurtful may depend on the approach and goals preferred differently by people from different cultures. Giving advice is problematic and difficult for advice providers in the Western cultures because they encounter conflicting goals (Goldsmith, 1992). One goal is to provide helpful advice, whereas another goal is not to threaten advice recipient...
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    The oral presentation as a context for learning and assessment 

    Chutamas Sundrarajun; Kiely, Richard (2008)

    Tests are said to be a common determiner of what actually happens in the classrooms. There are claims for both positive and negative washback. However, there is still very little evidence of how washback from tests affects teaching and learning in classrooms. This article explores how the assessment format (oral presentations) of a Public Speaking in English course in a Thai university shapes students' group discussions in the classroom. Classroom observation data document interaction processes in order to investigate the relationship betwe...
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    To stimulate a class, take them outdoors to see, learn 

    Unknown author (The Nation, 2011-07-25)