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    Reflections Upon the Experience of Longitudinal Research into Cultural Event Production in a Developing Destination 

    Stevenson, Nancy (2015)

    Longitudinal studies have the capacity to provide more nuanced explanations of tour ism and event phenomena, taking account of complexity, change and context. This paper is a self -reflexive, methodological study of research pract ice. It investigates my exper ience of engaging with cultural event producers in an emerging destinat ion over a seven-year period. Focussing on my research journey, it considers the social and relational dynamics associated with longitudinal research. Reciprocal relations and co-production of cultural...
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    Local festivals, social capital and sustainable destination development: experiences in East London 

    Stevenson, Nancy (2016)

    This paper explores the nature of social capital ar ising from engagement in local fest ivals and the implications of this for the social sustainability of an emerging dest inat ion. Two case studies are developed from a longitudinal research project which investigates local festivals staged in the Hackney Wick and Fish Island area adjacent to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London, UK between 2008 and 2014. This area has been directly affected by extensive development and regeneration efforts associated with the staging...
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    Conspicuous Consumption of the Elite: Social and Self-Congruity in Tourism Choices 

    Correia, Antonia; Kozak, Metin; Reis, Helena (2016)

    This paper relies on social and economic psychology to explore how the travel choices of Portuguese citizens, with different status levels in their daily lives, perceive and adopt different conspicuous travel patterns because of public exposure. To account for the moderated role of public exposure on conspicuous travel patterns, 36 Portuguese citizens were interviewed. Q-methods were applied to explore the varying senses of conspicuous travel choices among citizens with different levels of public exposure, both individually and relative...
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    The Impact of Korean Wave on the Purchase Intention of Korean Cosmetics of Thai People in Bangkok and Chonburi, Thailand 

    Son, Sunmi; Thongdee Kijboonchoo (2017)

    Nowadays Korea is well known by its popular culture, such as, TV dramas and pop music, called as "Korean Wave", which the Korean government has considered as soft power for enhancing exports. This study aims to investigate the impact of Korean wave on the purchase intention of Korean cosmetics. Korean wave in this study consists of three variables which are sympathy and empathy induced by Korean dramas, the attractiveness of Korean celebrities. The country image of Korea, brand awareness and brand equity of Korean cosmetics are al...
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    International conference on entrepreneurship and sustainability in the digital era (ICESDE) 2018 

    Assumption University. Graduate School of Business (Assumption University of Thailand, 2018)
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    Airport of Thailand Employees’ Perception in Human-Organizational and Technological Primary BPR Factors and Their Causal Relationships Towards Airport Operational Performance 

    Shompunutt Na Ayudhya, P. (2018-05-25)

    In this research, the author explores the dimensions of Business Process Re-engineering (or BPR) in the context of airport management at Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports; AOT’s bangkok-based airports. The data collection is done via the select set of questionnaires given to the airport employees (200 PAX) of key departments, within the 2 main concerns under BPR umbrella; A) “BPR Acceptance,” within it resides the set of variables relating to a.1) Human-related factors, a.2) Organization-related factors and a.3) Emotional responses; and...
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    Factors Influencing the Resistance to Organizational Change Among Employees in Thailand: A Generational Perspective 

    Dares Wannasook (2018-05-25)

    The research aims to explore the influence of employee participation, motivation, trust and communication on employee resistance to organizational change. The study also explores the degree to which the relationships are moderated by the generational differences (baby boomer, generation X and Y). The rapid growth of the new technological advancements and new processs of work is inevitable. Organizational change occurs from both internal and external factors, which causes complicate responses from the organization’s employees as active supp...
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    The Impact of Teamwork Perception on Organizational Commitment through the View of Team Characteristic and Process 

    Arissara Makbungwun (2018-05-25)

    This significant study area of team development has covered in the aspects on workplace commitment. This paper seeks to question and discuss the relevance of employee perception of teamwork capability and organization commitment. In particular, it aims to describe the team factors which indicate team performance evaluated by individual attitudes and draw up the relationship between teamwork perception and organizational commitment. The study constructed main variables which interact with teamwork performance in perception of employees. Tho...
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    Improving SMEs’ Business Sustainability Through Competitive Intelligence 

    Narula, Shusheel (2018-05-25)

    This paper proposes the conceptual framework for implementing Competitive Intelligence (CI) to enable sustainable growth in Small and Medium Enterprises in Thailand. The research proposes a CI framework that leverages on publicly available financial statement information and market information, as these two sources are readily and regularly available at low cost with minimal and efforts to perform data analysis. Data sourced from financial statement would allow SMEs to gain insights and to quantify levels of relationship into key performan...
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    Factors Influencing Consumer Decision Making to Use Quick Response (QR) Code Mobile Payment in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Niramol Pimarnsawast (2018-05-25)

    At present, technology has become a part of daily routine for everyone .Thailand steps into digital society or Thailand 4.0 following the government’s policy .One of the big change for Thailand 4.0 was Promtpay coming across with QR code mobile payment toward cashless society .Therefore, QR code mobile payment was similar to new channel of payment in Thai society .It gave everyone more choices in cashless payment .This research can help merchant and customer to find another way to get competitive advantage over others if they provided or u...
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    On Permuting Capability of A Binary Hypercube and Its Prospects as A Noc In The Architecture Of Peta- Scale Supercomputers 

    Veselovsky, Gennady (2018-05-25)

    In this paper necessary and sufficient conditions of blocking occurrence in a synchronous binary hypercube under order-dimension routing, which is also known as e-cube routing, are expressed mathematically with the use of congruence notion from number theory. If a permutation does not cause blockings it is said to be admissible under chosen routing algorithm. Examples of applying the approach for checking some regular permutations admissibility to a hypercube under e-cube routing are given. A heuristic approach for blocking avoidance, when...
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    Determinants of Dividend Policy of the Listed Companies in the Automotive, Food and Beverage and Telecommunication Sectors in the Stock Exchange of Thailand 

    K. Jaturongkachoke; S. Saengtewaporn; P. Songvichaipolakul; P. Sethjinda (2018-05-25)

    This research compared the determinants of dividend policy among listed companies in Automotive, Food and Beverage and Telecommunication sectors in the Stock Exchange of Thailand )SET .(It studied the relationship among Return on Equity )ROE(, Net Income, Return on Asset )ROA(, Stock Price, Debt to Equity Ratio) D/E(, Operating Cash Flow, Return on Investment )ROI(, Price per Book Value) P/BV(, Earning per Share )EPS(, Sales on Dividend per Share. The statistical analysis was performed using fixed effect panel data regression model on 59 l...
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    Momentum Versus Value Investment Strategy: Evidence from The Financial Sector in The Stock Exchange of Thailand 

    U. Khamsuk; B. Punturuamporn; Ross, D. (2018-05-25)

    This research studied the comparative performance between momentum versus value investing strategies in the Financial sector in Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) during 2010 to 2012. The study found that the momentum strategy was able to generate superior portfolio returns in comparison to the return on the SET Index and the return from value strategy portfolio for 9 periods out of 12 measurement periods, while value investing strategy generated superior return for 4 periods out of 12 periods. This study provided evidence to support momentu...
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    Determinants of Dividend Policy of the Listed Companies in The Automotive Sector in The Stock Exchange of Thailand 

    K. Jaturongkachoke; P. Sethjinda; E. Boonchuaymetta (2018-05-25)

    This research studied the determinants of dividend policy among listed companies in Automotive sector in the Stock Exchange of Thailand )SET .(It studied the relationship among Return on Equity )ROE(, Net Income, Return on Asset )ROA(, Stock Price, Debt to Equity Ratio) D/E(, Operating Cash Flow, Return on Investment )ROI(, Price per Book Value) P/BV(, Earning per Share )EPS(, Sales on Dividend per Share. The statistical analysis was performed using fixed effect panel data regression model on thirteen stocks from the automotive sector in t...
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    Trading Profits of Simple Moving Average Strategies for Major Currency Pairs 

    Panwichit, K.; Sethjinda, P.; Boonchuaymetta, E. (2018-05-25)

    This research studied the effectiveness of simple moving average rules in generating trading profits on major currency pairs which are AUD, EUR, GBP, NZD, CAD, CHF and JPY during 2013 – 2016. The test covered 50-Day moving average, 200-Day moving average, 10/50-Day moving average, 10/200-Day moving average and 50/200-Day moving average. The study revealed that trading based on 10/50-Day moving average resulted in superior returns, among all trading rules with average return generated for all currencies during the sample period of 4.21% per...
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    The products' factors affecting purchase intention: a case study of condominium in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Thaninrath Wonggotwarin; Kim, Seongdok (Assumption University Press, 2017-06)

    The objective of research is to examine the effect of product’s factors which are product quality, service quality, brand image, and product design of condominium toward purchase intention of condominiums in Bangkok. In Thailand, due to the popularity of condominiums, the expansion of investment on this market has continually grown year by year and the condominium market has become highly competitive. This current research is significant in that it would help condominium developers know about what kind of condominiums preferred by potential buy...
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    Succession planning in family firms in Thailand: a gender-based analysis 

    Duangta Duangekanong; Somsit Duangekanong (Assumption University Press, 2017-06)

    This research examined succession planning in family firms in Thailand, with an objective of determining whether predecessor (firm leader) gender made a difference in the comprehensiveness or perceived success of the succession process. A questionnaire was distributed to Bangkok-area business owners of family firms that had gone through a leadership transition (n = 254), including 168 male-led firms and 86 female-led firms. Analysis was conducted using structural equation modeling (SEM). Results showed that the firm owner’s age, firm size and o...
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    The factors impact attitude toward using and customer satisfaction with elderly health care mobile application services: a case study of people in Bangkok metropolitan, Thailand 

    Hathairat Didyasarin; Rawin Vongurai; Sutthhisak Inthawadee (Assumption University Press, 2017-06)

    Nowadays, Thailand is turning to aging society with the older population increasing than past. Mostly, older people have mental and physical health problems. Consequently, elderly health care is more important and necessary in the society. Currently, technology has continuously grown especially mobile applications that allow people to get involved with more activities. Applying elderly health care as mobile application service instead of traditional service is a new type of product and new trend in Thailand. This research analyzes the factors h...
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