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    Factors affecting brand loyalty to cosmetics product: a case study of Thai consumers in Bangkok 

    Kanokwan Kitrungpaiboon; Kim, Seongdok (Assumption University Press, 2016-12)

    This research aims to investigate factors affecting brand loyalty to cosmetics products of Thai consumers in the Bangkok area. After reviewing related literature, four independent variables were selected in this research; word-of-mouth, perceived value, convenience, and satisfaction on product. To measure the constructs of the research instrument, a survey questionnaire was administered and data were collected from sample of 384 experienced cosmetics product purchasers in the Bangkok area, utilizing convenience sampling techniques. The signi...
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    A study of price-changed-to-dividend ratio on ex-dividend dates: the case study of stock exchange of Thailand in 2012-2014 

    Rapeepat Techakittiroj (Assumption University Press, 2016-12)

    Most of studies had a similar conclusion that the average stock prices on ex-dividend dates tend to be declined according to the corresponding amount of dividend even though it is the Book Value, BV, which is declined by the amount of dividend. As many stock traders did not achieve their results based on this conclusion, the research methodology was repeated to assert the myth. Because none of researches were based on data from the Stock Exchange of Thailand. the research methodology was repeated, only on cash dividends, for years of 2012-20...
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    The influences of store atmosphere on purchase intention toward a fast fashion brand in Bangkok 

    Pitchayapa Siddhibphongsa; Kim, Seongdok (Assumption University Press, 2016-06)

    The objective of this research is to investigate how store atmosphere influences purchase intention in fast fashion brands in Bangkok. There is robust growth and high competition in the fast fashion's market. Seven factors, which are music, color, lighting, traffic flow, space allocation, product display, and window display, are selected in order to find statistical relationship with purchase intention based on thorough literature review. Findings of this current research show that color, lightening, traffic flow, product display and window ...
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    OD interventions to develop commitment and engagement in software development teams 

    Sirichai Preudhikulpradab; Fernando, Maria Socorro C. L. (Assumption University Press, 2016-06)

    This paper presents some of the OD interventions to develop Commitment and Engagement in a software development company. It is based on the study of Preudhikulpradab, S. (2011) "Organization Spirituality: Commitment, Awareness, Readiness, and Engagement (C.A.R.E.) for Organization Development and Transformation: A Case of ABC Co., Ltd. This paper presents only the business practices, processes, and recommendations related to Commitment and Engagement in the focal system of the research.
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    A study of factors that affect consumer's attitude toward a "skippable in-stream ad" on YouTube 

    Tidarat Chungviwatanant; Kriengsin Prasongsukarn; Sming Chungviwatanant (2016-06)

    Understanding consumer's attitudes toward advertising is imperative for marketers/advertisers. This research aims to study the factors that affect consumer's attitude toward a "skippable in-stream ad" on YouTube. The independent variables are "entertainment," "informativeness, " "credibility," and "irritation." The dependent variable is "consumer's attitude toward a 'skippable in-stream ad' on YouTube. The researcher used convenience sampling and online survey to develop and distribute questionnaires to the target population. The target po...
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    Why PhD students at a private university Thailand delay completing their doctoral dissertation or drop out 

    Barnes, John (Assumption University Press, 2016-06)

    As a faculty member at a private university in Thailand, it is noticeable that the majority of doctoral students substantially delay writing their dissertation or drop out. It is to be emphasized that the program under discussion is a part-time program for students who work full-time with completion of their doctoral program scheduled over 3 to 5 years (i.e. semesters 6 to 10). Discussions with colleagues and friends from other doctoral programs both in Thailand and abroad, reveal that it is common for such programs to have slow or a low comp...
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    Dark tourism: push-pull motivations, satisfaction experience and post behavioral intention-sites of Death Railway tragedy Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand 

    Raweewan Chanuanthong; Batra, Adarsh (Assumption University Press, 2016-06)

    The study investigated the "push and pull' motivations of visitors at the war memorial sites of the WWII Death Railway museums and cemeteries in Kanchanaburi Province. Also, the study identified how "push and pull' motivations influenced the satisfaction experience and post behavioral intention. Additionally, the study also attempted to explore the relationship between satisfaction of the experience and post behavioral intention. The research utilized self-completion surveys (handed-out) as the quantitative research instrument. The research...
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    The factors affecting the attribute attitude towards credit card; the case study of credit card for bangkokian's generation X and Y 

    Parnuphan Phaisuwat; Rawin Vongurai (Assumption University Press, 2016-12)

    This study aimed to understand the factors that affect attitude toward credit card by bangkokian and also find the difference between generation X and Y in attitude toward credit card. The questionaire was conducted and collected 410 respondents by convenience, quota and snow-ball sampling method. The methods used to analyze the data are linear regression and independent sample t-test. The result shows free spending has the strongest effect to attitude toward credit card and there is significant difference between Gen-X and Y in attitude tow...
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    The works of ten remarkable Italian's in Bangkok's history 1890's to 1970's-four artists, three architects, two sculptors and one renaissance man: a source for contemporary cultural tourism 

    Barnes, John (Assumption University Press, 2016-12)

    In exploring Bangkok and in particular the Rattanakosin and Dusit areas one discovers a remarkable number of buildings and monuments of Italianate architectural design. A more detailed inspection reveals that most of those buildings also feature imported Italian marble on door and window frames floors and staircases. Inspection of those buildings reveals very beautiful interior paintings on walls and ceilings.
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    The perception of the Lao Securities Exchange within the Lao community 

    Somphit Souksai (Assumption University Press, 2015-12)

    This study focuses on the Lao Securities Exchange (LSX) which was officially opened on October 10, 2010, with two companies listed, EDL-Generation and Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Laos. Specifically, it aims to investigate the perception of the LSX among the Lao community and determine whether an investment culture is developing and capable of supporting the LSX growth through stock investment. This research also seeks to assess the relevance of the government incentives in terms of promoting stock purchasing and determine the perception...
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    Perception in tourism & hospitality: a meta analysis 

    Barnes, John (Assumption University Press, 2015-12)

    Perception in the title of 45 studies in the hospitality and tourism literature over the past 36 years lead readers to believe that perception was to be measured. In fact, 33 studies measured attitude, belief, impact, opinion or preference. Another 12 developed perceptions from composite measures, none of which employed common components for perception. This research contributes to the tourism literature by identifying that perception was always used in the vernacular, not academic sense. Tourism and hospitality researchers are invited to b...
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    A study of factors affecting job's satisfaction of employees in accounting firms in Bangkok 

    Nantika Thamnajit; Thongdee Kijboonchoo (Assumption University Press, 2015-12)

    The objective of this paper is to examine factors that are related to job satisfaction in accounting firms in Bangkok. The research model includes major factors, such as, job stress, organizational commitment, job autonomy, organizational conflict, quality of work life, remuneration and supervision. They are hypothesized to relate to job satisfaction. The sample size of this study are 250 accountants in 7 selected accounting firms in Bangkok. The data are collected by using convenience sampling technique and Pearson correlation is employed ...
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    Application of importance - performance analysis model in evaluation service quality of diving tour operator in Nha Trang (Viet Nam) 

    Linh, Vo Tran Hai (Assumption University Press, 2015-12)

    The purpose of this study is to improve service quality for dive tour operators in Nha Trang (Viet Nam), so the objectives were set to understand the divers' opinion on dimensions of service quality of diving experiences in Nha Trang, and their evaluation of the diving tour operators' performance. Analysis employed the Importance - Performance analysis (IPA) paradigm based on five dimensions and twenty five attributes of service quality (Parasuraman, 1988). The results are significant to dive tour operators because it showed clearly the mana...
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    Long-term price linkages of the Top Ten RMFS and LTFS with the SET Index: a case of unidirectional granger causality relationship 

    Parnward Banternghansa; Witsaroot Pariyaprasert (Assumption University Press, 2015-12)

    The main objective of this research is to examine the response of the top 10 Retirement Mutual Funds (RMFs) and Long-term Equity Funds (LTFs) ranked by Morningstar Thailand on the percentage change in the Stock Exchange of Thailand's Index (SET Index) during the period from January 2011 to May 2014. To examine, Granger causality test is performed to verify the existence of the unidirectional causality relationship. The researcher found that return of SET Index Granger caused 5 out of Top 10 RMFs and 2 out of Top 10 LTFs. These findings will ...
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    Using individual creativity to improve the performance of large organisations 

    Vorapot Ruckthum; Clapp, Ra, jt. auth. (Assumption University)
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    Why do MBA students delay completing their thesis 

    Barnes, John (Assumption University)
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