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    Integrating STEM and Skill Development (SD) for Thailand 4.0-Means, Methods and Challenges 

    Kuldeep Nagi (2018-07)

    Formal education is mostly focused on training the mind through the acquisition of information and knowledge. Skills, on the other hand, are acquired through physical training and practice, turning finally into a unique habit, a product or a service. Lately, there is a lot of discussion about skill development (SD) to meet the goals of digital economy and Thailand 4.0. Using data from the World Economic Forum (WEF) and analysis of SD trends in the USA, UK and Germany, this paper provides insight into how Science-Technology-English-Math (STEM) e...
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    A Short Trip Itinerary Generator for Planning Trip- Ratchaburi Province Case Study 

    Hongladda Pongsuwan; Anaraki, Firouz B.; Suchai Thanawastien (2016-04)

    In this paper, a trip planning system is presented for planning short trip to the province of Ratchaburi, Thailand. The proposed system, the Short Trip Itinerary Generation, or STIG, provides a flexible trip planning for 1-3 days trip based on user preference and trip related information that can be specified by a tourist and by the system. STIG can work in two modes: Trip Planning Mode and Trip Mode, to generate the trip plan and follow the plan or making real-time adjustment to the plan, respectively. The computation of the dista...
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    The Influence of Loyalty Program Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction 

    Piyasuda Phothikit; Piyathida Praditbatuga; Santhiti Treetipbut (2016)

    The objective of this research was to determine the influence of loyalty program service quality dimensions (program policy, program reward, personalization, tangibility, information usefulness, courteousness / helpfulness, and communication quality) on customer satisfaction of members of the Bangchak Gasohol Club and/or Diesel Club. A total of 120 complete and valid questionnaires were collected from Bangchak service stations in the Bangkok area. Hypotheses were tested using multiple regression analysis. It found that there i...
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    Improving Efficacy of Pre-Recorded Videos in E-Learning Courses 

    Kuldeep Nagi (2016)

    Since the beginning of this new century eLearning has come a long way. A decade ago, it was perfectly acceptable to just record a Power Point presentation and upload it in the Learning Management System (LM). In 2016, this approach is not viable. It is no longer necessary to force the students to stare at sterile static text. One of biggest influence in eLearning comes from videos. Use of videos has become essential for teaching and learning in online programs and courses. Increasing use of services such as You- Tube has drastically chan...
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    Text Neck Epidemic: a Growing Problem for Smart Phone Users in Thailand 

    Poonsri Vate-U-Lan (2015-12)

    This research study examined the rapid changes in computer user behavior among Thai internet users, and analyzed differences in the computer health risk between desktop users and mobile device users. The emphasis is on “Text Neck” which has become a global epidemic affecting millions of people of all ages using various computer devices. The purpose of this study was to consider the incidence and relationship between health problems, and Thai Internet users’ behavior on computer and smart devices. The main research ins...
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    E-business : Growth and Trends in Thailand 

    John, Varughese Kizhakkacharuvil; Nithiphong Vikitset; Duangta Duangekanog; Asawin Wichayachakorn (AU-eJIR, 2017-07)

    The era of e-business has changed the old economic relationship among producers, traders and consumers and the new economic relationship is called extended or integrated relationship. In this context this article has made an enquiry about the growth of e-business in Thailand. The change in technologies has a great impact on the old business models especially in the areas of strategies and customer engagement of business. The platform for changes in e-business is the internet, social media and mobile technology. Majority of the people in Thail...
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    อธิปัตย์ คลี่สุนทร (2558)
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    อธิปัตย์ คลี่สุนทร (2558)

    เมื่อก่อน บริษัทธุรกิจขนาดใหญ่ หรือหน่วยงานราชการ ที่ต้องผลิตสินค้าหรือให้บริการ บริหารจัดการข้อมูล จำนวนมาก จะจัดซื้อเครื่องคอมพิวเตอร์เพื่อการเก็บข้อมูลและประมวลผลที่รวดเร็ว เป็นระบบคอมพิวเตอร์ขนาดใหญ่ (mainframe computer) บางบริษัทที่มีขนาดปริมาณงานและการประมวลผลน้อยกว่า ไม่ต้องการความเร็วมากจะซื้อมินิคอมพิวเตอร์ (minicomputer) เป็นแม่ข่ายของการทำงาน ส่วนบริษัทหรือธุรกิจขนาดเล็ก หรือคนทั่วไปที่ต้องการใช้คอมพิวเตอร์ช่วย ในการทำงานไม่มาก จะซื้อคอมพิวเตอร์แบบตั้งโต๊ะ (desktop computer) หรือ คอมพิวเตอร์ขนาดสมุดบันทึก (notebook computer) โดย...
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    Ten species of Culicoides Latreille (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) newly recorded from Thailand 

    Aurnrat Thepparat; Bellis, Glenn; Chitapa Ketavan; Jiraporn Ruangsittichai; Suchada Sumruayphol; Chamnarn Apiwathnasorn (2015)

    A survey of biting midges in animal sheds, angroves and beaches along the Andaman coastal region in southern Thailand between April 2012 and May 2013 collected 10 species of Culicoides which were not previously known from Thailand. These new records are C. arenicola, C. flavipunctatus, C. hui, C. kinari, C. kusaiensis, C. parabubalus, C. quatei, C. spiculae, C. pseudocordiger and C. tamada. An updated checklist of species of Culicoides reported from Thailand is provided.
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    A Web Based Learning System for Learning English on Mobile Devices 

    Anaraki, Firouz B. (2014)

    This paper explains the development of a HTML5 based system for learning English as a second language for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and other smart mobile devices. HTML5 and jQuery Javascript library was used to develop this system. The web based system was in stalled on a server which could be accessed by any PC or smart mobile phones and tablets that support JavaScript library. Thirty English lessons were developed for this system. University students at Assumption University tried out this system using their mobile devices for...
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    Nagi, Kuldeep (2018)

    A website devoted to an academic institution sometimes fail to address its main purposes. In the process of satisfying the need of all stake holders- the students, faculty, alumni and outsiders, the elements of web design are compromised to an extent that either the website becomes too complex or becomes irrelevant. With advances in technology the role of web designers is also beginning to change from just being creators of a website to the facilitators of crafting a powerful user experience (UX). The very purpose of an academic websi...
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    A study on the Impact of e-Commerce on SMEs in Thailand 

    John, Varughese Kizhakkacharuvil; Asawin Wichayachakorn; Nithiphong Vikitset (2018-06-26)

    Business-to-consumer (B2C) e-Commerce is the focus of this study with special emphasis to its impact on small-and-medium enterprises or SMEs in Thailand. The impact is investigated in two perspectives – the economic impact and the social impact- where the former is concerned to the firms in terms of increase in its profitability and operating efficiency and the latter is related to the society in general imparted by the firm in terms of employment created. The study further investigated the penetration of e-Commerce (B2C) among consumers o...
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    An Economy Manufacturing Enterprise System: A Case Study of Plastic Injection Factory 

    Poonphon Suesaowaluk (2014)

    An automated system for manufacturing management called Manufacturing Enterprise System is proposed and designed for the supportive factory management with the low cost investment. The proposed system will record and provide the report of process performance by manipulating information, which is recorded during the actual process in the production line. The system captures the overall testing of particular product in each process. The testing would be either default as accept or reject and denote the defective criteria. The system reve...
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    Multidimensional Process Analytical System for Manufacturing Management 

    Poonphon Suesaowaluk (2015)

    Industrial or manufacturing management is a complex task that requires prior information from several entries to support in order to make the right decision with efficient solution and obtain the optimum profit. Business intelligent technology approach allows business organization to utilize information in a form of heterogeneous view and benefits several objectives for uses. This work employs business intelligent concepts to develop simplified real time process analysis systems for supportive manufacturing management. With many desirable...
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    A study on interactions between anonymous and non-anonymous pre-service teachers in blended learning using creative problem solving technique to enhance pre-service teachers’ ability in professional practices 

    Nuttaphong Kanchanachaya; Taminee Shinasharkey (2015)

    In Thailand, many pre-service teachers are still shy and afraid to ask questions in the classroom. To enhance preservice teachers’ ability, pre-service teachers need to show their potential and should be encouraged to participate in the class. This paper aims to study the pre-service teachers’ interaction and participation in the online mode in terms of blended learning using creative problem solving technique. The sample group of this study was 28 pre-service teachers. The first group was treated anonymously when they were online while the...
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    Academic Use of Forums in eLearning - Perceptions, Findings and Truths 

    Nagi, Kuldeep (2015-07)

    Forums or threaded discussions are one of the most commonly used tools in online teaching. They provide a facility for asynchronous discussion on a particular topic or issue over an extended period of time. Students enrolled in eLearning courses are able to reflect upon their ideas before sharing them with others. eLearning is gradually becoming an alternate way of study for most young people who prefer to use the Internet, portable devices and digital media. While eLearning offers many advantages, it is often seen as faceless media that ...
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    New Social Media and Impact of Fake News on Society 

    Nagi, Kuldeep (2018-06)

    Traditional media consists of mostly nameless and faceless people deciding what does and does not get printed and broadcasted. In this new era of internet and variety of social media, creation and consumption of news and information in our society is changing. Rapid transformation of traditional print media into online portals has become a new trend. On the one hand, the online social media has democratized the means of news production and dissemination, but on the other hand, it has become a breeding ground for false and fake news. Increa...
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    Impact of eLearning Perception and eLearning Advantages on eLearning for Stress Management (Mediating Role of eLearning for Corporate Training) 

    Sarwar, Aamir; Chitapa Ketavan; Butt, Nadeem Shafique (2015-08)

    The objective of the study was to develop a model with and without the mediator comparing direct and indirect Impacts using Bootstrap (Two tailed significance results to be used), options for manufacturing, services sectors and overall and finding out the significance of the relationship. Study tried to find out the Impact of eLearning Perception and eLearning Advantages on eLearning for Stress Management with eLearning for Corporate Training as a mediator. This is a cross sectional study conducted in Pakistan. Detailed questionnaire was used t...
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    Thai Education and the 21st Century Skills: A Proposal for a New World of Work 

    Athipat Cleesuntorn (2015)

    In the 21st century, a high technology, information and communication industry, and a complicated service industry make up a substantial part of the economy and development of the world. Science and technology create various alterations in producing goods and services. Digital device has taken the place of analog equipment. Travelling has been made faster by technology. Almost all business transactions can be completed electronically. Communication can also be done through various devices conveniently. Machines in most manufacturing companies a...
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    Hospital Service Queue Management System with Wireless Approach 

    Manoon Ngorsed; Poonphon Suesaowaluk (2015-09)

    This paper presents a proposed alternative system for queuing management that could reduce inconvenience to the public. The motivation of this system is depicted from an observation on the people queuing for services in the hospitals and the government offices without committing to the estimated time for their demand. Waiting for the service is counterproductive which consumes an unacceptable amount of productive time for the patients. We develop the system to manage the queue without physically lining up and allow people to monitor their queue...
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