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    The Impact of Individual Level Cultural Value Orientation as A Moderator of Seller Influence Tactics, Relationship Quality, and Customer Loyalty 

    Veerasak Prasertchuwong (Assumption University, 2015)

    As competitions in marketing intensify and many marketers offer products that are similar, salespersons are forced to adapt their marketing strategies to survive. Relationship marketing has become the suitable strategy that salespersons employ to cope with this situation. Nevertheless, each and every customer is unique, so a better understanding of customers at the individual level is essential. Thus, this research examined the effects of cultural value orientations of customers at the individual level on the relationship between seller infl...
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    Antecedents and Consequences of Relationship Quality: A Study on Private Hospitals in Thailand 

    Suppasit Sornsri (Assumption University, 2015)

    This study aims at developing a more comprehensive set of dimensions of relationship quality by employing the Investment Theory (Rusbult, 1980). It also focuses on determining the antecedents of relationship quality by applying the Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) Theory (Williamson, 1985) as well as examining their relative significant relations. Finally, the paper examines the consequences of relationship quality by using the Exit-Voice Theory (Hirschman, 1970). The focal construct in this research is the relationship quality between hospit...
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    A multi-faceted framework for subsidiary evolution - a review of multinational subsidiary research 

    Nichanan Sakolvieng (Assumption University, 2016)

    This article provides an exploratory view on subsidiary evolution. Drawing upon extant multinational subsidiary research, a multi-faceted framework for subsidiary evolution is introduced to examine the process of roles and charters development in a foreign multinational subsidiary. In particular, the proposed framework comprises factors from three different levels—corporate-, subsidiary-, and host country-level factors—that influence the development process. The dynamic nature and the interplay of these factors are considered important to the e...
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    Customer satisfaction and loyalty towards cosmetic products: a case study on Bangkok's Boots drug stores 

    Ramnath Srinath (Assumption University, 2016)

    This research focuses on the effects of customer satisfaction and loyalty at a well-known cosmetics store chain in Bangkok, Thailand: Boots stores. Questionnaires were distributed to collect information from 400 respondents who had received the services from the cosmetics departments of Boots stores. The results show that there is a relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty. Every dimension of service quality namely responsiveness, tangibility, empathy, assurance and reliability has an impact on customer satisfaction, which can the...
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    Does real estate fund in Thailand provide diversification benefits for stock investment? 

    Nopphon Tangjitprom; Preechaya Chavalittumrong; Veeranuch Leelalai (Assumption University, 2016)

    The real estate investment has been an alternative investment as a diversifier for traditional investment like the stock market. Previous studies have shown the diversification benefits of real estate investment for stock portfolios. This paper aims to examine whether and to what extent real estate funds can provide diversification benefits to investors. The information of stock returns and real estate funds in Thailand was gathered for the period during 2007 and 2015. The results show that there is no diversification benefit in terms of hedge ...
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    Associations among personal characteristics, work related factors, and virtual distance 

    Puckpimon Singhapong; Winley, Graham Kenneth (Assumption University, 2016)

    This study examined associations among work related factors, personal characteristics, and the virtual distance between employees and their work teams. Hypotheses related to these associations were derived from previous studies and tested using data collected from a sample of 238 employees from a multinational telecommunications company. The findings confirmed significant associations reported in previous studies: between age and job satisfaction; between work position, level of responsibility, and the extent ...
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    Uber for more benefits 

    Jun, Chae Yeong (Assumption University, 2017-05)
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    The most embarrassing day of my life 

    Oranuch Supajanyawalt (Assumption University, 2017-05)
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    A walk in the park 

    Teresita J. Bunyakarte (Assumption University, 2017-05)
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    What I think about politics 

    Thonnaya Anopas (Assumption University, 2017-05)
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    Latin Christian poetry 

    Tirone, Sara (Assumption University, 2017-05)
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    Making grammar fun 

    Aung, Khine Zin (Assumption University, 2017-05)
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    Pragmatic awareness and its role in both teaching and learning English 

    Tassev, Valentin Valentinov (Assumption University, 2017-05)

    Broadly speaking, the following research study will examine critically the impact of local socio-cultural factors on the process of second language acquisition (SLA) among Thai learners of English. In particular, it will highlight that when learning a second/foreign language (L2), people often respond to certain expressions in the new language more engagingly if these expressions somehow represent a concept or an idea that people are familiar with or can easily identify with from the perspective of their own cultures. Throughout this research...
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    News sharing 

    Parreno, Arlan (Assumption University, 2017-05)
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    The Global Competitiveness of Thailand: An Empirical Analysis of the ASEAN Community 

    John,Varughese K.; Duangta Duangekanog; Asawin Wichayachakorn; Nithiphong Vikitset (AU-eJIR, 2017-07-01)

    The current rate of technological expansion and the globalization of markets have made countries to be more competitive for their economic growth and prosperity. The Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) is a measure computed by the World Economic Forum every year since 1979 on the basis of 12 pillars of economic and human growth indicators. 138 world countries are included in the GCI 2016-17 and these countries accounts for 98% of the world GDP. Thailand is the third major economy among the ASEAN community and it is classified as ‘Efficienc...
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    A Panel Data Model on e-Business Development of Nations 

    John,Varughese K. (e-CASE & e-Tech Fall 2017, Seoul, S. Korea, 2017-09-05)

    e-Business development has become a key factor for the sustainable economic growth and development of any nation in this new era of digital revolution. This is a macro level study based on the hypothesis that the e-business development of a nation can be predicted on the basis of four independent estimators, namely, 1) Country Characteristics; 2) Business Sophistication; 3) Technological Readiness; and 4) e-Government Support. A panel data of five years (2012-2016) relating to 132 world countries were collected and analyzed. The objective of th...
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    การพัฒนาบทเรียนอีเลิร์นนิงตามสภาพแวดล้อมทางการเรียนส่วนบุคคลบนเครือข่ายสังคมออนไลน์ เรื่อง ระบบเครือข่ายคอมพิวเตอร์และการสื่อสารข้อมูลพื้นฐาน 

    ไพโรจน์ เบาใจ; พูนศรี เวศย์อุฬาร; พุทธมนต์ อัจฉริยนนท์ (มูลนิธิศาสตราจารย์ หม่อมหลวงปิ่น มาลากุล, 2560)

    การวิจัยครั้งนี้มีวัตถุประสงค์เพื่อ (1) พัฒนาบทเรียนอีเลิร์นนิงตามสภาพแวดล้อม ทางการเรียนส่วนบุคคลบนเครือข่ายสังคม ออนไลน์เรื่อง ระบบเครือข่ายคอมพิวเตอร์และ การสื่อสารข้อมูลพื้นฐานให้ได้ ไม่ต่ำกว่าเกณฑ์ 80/80 (2) หาค่าดัชนีประสิทธิผลจากการเรียน ด้วยบทเรียนอีเลิร์นนิงที่พัฒนาขึ้นให้มีค่า ไม่ต่ำ กว่า 0.70 (3) ศึกษาเปรียบเทียบผลสัมฤทธิ์ ทางการเรียนระหว่างกลุ่มควบคุมที่เรียนจากการ สอนแบบปรกติกับกลุ่มทดลองที่เรียนจากบท เรียนอีเลิร์นนิง (4) ศึกษาความคงทนในการเรียน รู้หลังจากเรียนด้วยบทเรียนอีเลิร์นนิงเมื่อเรียน ผ่านมาแล้ว 2 สัปดาห์ และ 4 ...
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    ผู้บริหารจาก Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Foreign Economic Relation & Trade Commission Offcial เยี่ยมชมมหาวิทยาลัยอัสสัมชัญ 

    มหาวิทยาลัยอัสสัมชัญ. สำนักทะเบียนและประมวลผล (2543-12-26)