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    อธิปัตย์ คลี่สุนทร (2558)
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    Ten species of Culicoides Latreille (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) newly recorded from Thailand 

    Aurnrat Thepparat; Bellis, Glenn; Chitapa Ketavan; Jiraporn Ruangsittichai; Suchada Sumruayphol; Chamnarn Apiwathnasorn (2015)

    A survey of biting midges in animal sheds, mangroves and beaches along the Andaman coastal region in southern Thai- land between April 2012 and May 2013 collected 10 species of Culicoides which were not previously known from Thai- land. These new records are C. arenicola, C. flavipunctatus, C. hui, C. kinari, C. kusaiensis, C. parabubalus, C. quatei, C. spiculae, C. pseudocordiger and C. tamada. An updated checklist of species of Culicoides reported from Thailand is provided.
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    A Web Based Learning System for Learning English on Mobile Devices 

    Anaraki, Firouz B. (2014)

    This paper explains the development of a HTML5 based system for learning English as a second language for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and other smart mobile devices. HTML5 and jQuery Javascript library was used to develop this system. The web based system was in stalled on a server which could be accessed by any PC or smart mobile phones and tablets that support JavaScript library. Thirty English lessons were developed for this system. University students at Assumption University tried out this system using their mobile devices for...
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    A Pedagogical Perspective of Translanguaging in the ASEAN Context: A Lesson from Blogging 

    Deocampo, Marilyn Fernandez (2016)

    The focus of this study is to highlight how multilingual society such as in the Philippines and Singapore use translanguaging (Garcia, 2009), an umbrella term which is more than hybrid languages (Gutierrez et al., 1999) and code-switching and code-mixing (Bautista 2004; Mahootian, 2006) in journalistic blogs provided by and Translanguaging is a linguistic resource used by various respondents to express their thoughts and feelings. The data in this study suggests that the majority of the participants exhibit a h...
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    Reflections Upon the Experience of Longitudinal Research into Cultural Event Production in a Developing Destination 

    Stevenson, Nancy (2015)

    Longitudinal studies have the capacity to provide more nuanced explanations of tour ism and event phenomena, taking account of complexity, change and context. This paper is a self -reflexive, methodological study of research pract ice. It investigates my exper ience of engaging with cultural event producers in an emerging destinat ion over a seven-year period. Focussing on my research journey, it considers the social and relational dynamics associated with longitudinal research. Reciprocal relations and co-production of cultural...
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