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    Peer feedback Facebook approach on English writing skills of Grade 7 students, Samutprakarn 

    Satjawat Prasobdee (2021)

    This study aimed to; 1) investigate the effects of peer feedback roles on English writing in a Thai context, 2) examine whether peer feedback can enhance writing skills on writing organization, using appropriate words, and using appropriate tenses, and 3) investigate the students’ attitude towards peer feedback roles on writing in a Thai context. Twenty-four students were picked with simple sampling from 450 students in grade 7 at Rajpracha Samasai Rachadabhisek School, Samutprakarn Province, Thailand. ...
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    Say what?: Filipino ESL learners’ semantic formula in expressing complaints 

    Caturay, Warlito Jr. Sanchez (Assumption University Press, 2019)

    Complaining is one of the difficult tasks one has to do because when one complains, one does not only express some displeasure but also expects some form of repair. Hence, it is important for language learners to be taught how to effectively do so. Despite this, the teaching of the speech act of complaint has been taken for granted: either very little is included or it is absent in the language classroom instruction. This study attempts to examine how Filipino ESL learners structure their complaints. Featuring 18 situations calibrated on three ...
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    Second language writing strategies: a case study with EFL senior students at an inernational university 

    Korakote Natiladdanon (2020)

    The study aimed to investigate the English language writing strategies used by Business English major students in Academic Writing course at an international university in Thailand. There were two major areas of concern, which were hoped to be addressed in the course of the research. The study applied a mixed-method approach; it combined the quantitative analysis of the Likert scale statements in the writing strategy questionnaires and the students' writing samples with the qualitative analysis of the open-ended questions in the questionnaires ...
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    Silent acting with literature 

    Courtney, John (Assumption University, 1996)
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    Student engagement and their equity in their engagement in the Thai context 

    Mohandas, Punam; Adisorn Vinitwatanakhun (Assumption University Press, 2020)

    This study measured the level of engagement shown by Thai undergraduate students taking the upper intermediate English course at a private international university and ascertained what teachers can do to enrich the student engagement. It is the researchers’ intention to present this information as being relevant in the Thai context, as currently, there is not much research available in this regard. The study also explored the premise that students have an equity in their own learning and engagement. The researchers conducted a questionnaire ...
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    Students' reactions to teacher written feedback in their compositions at an Giang University, Vietnam 

    Hanh, Nguyen Duc; Ramnath, Rajeevnath (Assumption University Press, 2016)

    This research looks at students' reactions to teacher written feedback in their writing at writing classes of the second year, in the School of Education, An Giang University, Vietnam. Interview and questionnaires were used to collect data. The findings indicate that the teachers' written feedback is legible, understandable and useful. In addition, most of the students desire their teachers to resort to correction codes because they are able to understand them. The students also have some preferences for feedback regarding the types of feedback ...
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    A study of group learning among ELT practicum students through an analysis of their teaching practicum journals in a MA-ELT program at Assumption University 

    Vu, Hoang Oanh (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    Teaching Practicum (TP) is important for trainee teachers and many studies have been conducted to help improve the quality of TP recently. This research aims to analyze ten journals written by ten trainee teachers during their practicum in a MA – ELT program at Assumption University. These trainee teachers came from three different countries: seven of Chinese, one British, one Burmese and one Vietnamese. They all had different backgrounds in terms of culture, perception and education. The procedure to analyze these journals was done by finding ...
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    A study of motivation and strategies in learning of English by middle-aged and elderly in China 

    Fu, Yezhi (Assumption University Press, 2016)

    With the development of globalization, English has become a global language. More and more Chinese want to learn English which includes middle-aged and elderly people. However, in recent research, most are focusing on children, teenagers and college students. There is little research that focuses on middle-aged and elderly and there is also a lack of comparison of study of learning motivation, learning strategies and learning barriers of middle-aged and elderly. Thus, the research objective of this study is to analyze the differences in ...
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    A study of reading genres and questions in Thai and English textbooks for O-NET examinations 

    Tanut Jivavorranun (Assumption University Press, 2016)

    Reading is one of English skills that students have to learn since in primary school until university. However, the result of the national examination in Thailand for English subjects seems unsatisfied, which reading part occupies the largest portion. This study aims to find out the differences and similarities in reading sections of English textbooks and O-NET and GAT examinations in terms of genre and type of questions. Reading passages and questions were analyzed based on Derewianka's linguistic features of genres and Nuttall's taxonomy of ...
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    A study of reading questions in high school English textbooks and national tests 

    Supatcha Khanawong (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    The lack of English language proficiency of Thai students has been acknowledged for years, and this is reflected in the national test scores i.e. O-NET, GAT, and GET, all of which fall below 50%. The question of concurrence between testing and teaching was raised when the revision of national curriculum (B.E. 2551) was implemented in prototype schools in 2009. Reading comprehension skills, in particular, were given attention as it contributes to other skills and overall learning. The aim of this study is to seek the connection between reading ...
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    A study of teachers’ awareness of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) and an analysis of ELF features of primary school students’ writings at an international school in Bangkok 

    Shetabi, Yasaman; Ratchaporn Rattanaphumma (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    This study conducted interviews with three English teachers from an international school in Bangkok in order to examine their awareness of English as Lingua Franca (ELF). The writings of 33 primary international students of the same school from grade 2 to grade 6 were also analysed in order to identify the dominant features of spoken English as a Lingua Franca (as demonstrated in the study of Kirkpatrick, 2010) finding its way into written forms.
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    Teaching English Stress: Can Song-Lyric Reading Combined with Mobile Learning Be Beneficial to Non-English Majors? 

    Di, Wu (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    Although stress patterns in English and Chinese are strikingly different, most English learners in China have overlooked or ignored this difference, resulting in poor speaking performance. In an attempt to approach this issue, this study designs the mobile assisted language learning (MALL) based instruction by integrating stress lessons on the mobile application and adopting song lyric-reading as stress pattern training, aiming to help college students improve their speaking performance in terms of English stress. Two groups of Chinese ...
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    Text-based focus in a literature-based approach to language teching 

    Sivakumar, Sivasubramaniam (Assumption University, 1996)
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    The effect of culture on the teaching of English 

    Lawrence, Brian (Assumption University, 2000)
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    The future of English 

    Maley, Alan (Assumption University, 2000)
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    The revealing nature of role - playing in an interactive environment 

    Courtney, John (Assumption University, 1995)
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    The role of tone-management in improving classroom interaction in a tetiary-level EFL teaching context 

    Lengn, Hui; Rubdy, Ran, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 2003)
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    What do they think of me? a semi-ethnographic investigation into student stereotypes and biases towards teachers 

    Wilkinson, Matthew Thomas (Assumption University Press, 2016)

    This study investigates the stereotypes and biases held by students at an international university in Thailand towards teachers in terms of race, accent and native speakerness within the context of the internationalization of higher education. It takes a semi-ethnographic approach, interviewing and staying in contact with the participants over a period of about three months. The data were transcribed, coded and organized into themes as they emerged. The findings showed that native and non-native English speaking teachers were stereotyped ...