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    Factors affecting the assurance of savings in the cooperatives from the perspective of member: a case study of Assumption University savings & credit coperative limited (AUSCC) 

    Annop Peungchuer; Amara Tirasriwat; Mathew, Asha; Naruemol Tridechapol (Assumption University Press, 2019)

    The purpose of this study was to examine factors affecting savings in AUSCC, focusing on factors affecting the confidence or assuranceof savings,needs assessment for confidence, andguidelines to enhance the level of confidence ofmembers.Factor analysis, priority need index, and analysis of variance for testing the differencesofAUSCC members’ qualifications towardsthe assurance of savings in AUSCCwere utilized.Thefindings revealed that thedifference in position and salary of AUSCC members has resulted in the different perception towards ...
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    Inflation hedging characteristics of housing markets in Thailand 

    Annop Peungchuer (Assumption University, 2006)

    Property has been traditionally perceived as a good hedge against inflation. Extensive empiri- cal researches have been undertaken to prove whether properties hedge against inflation in different countries. This paper explores the relationship between inflation and returns in the housing markets in Thailand. Only the appreciation component, not income, of housing market returns is taken into account due to the limitations of data. Inflation is decomposed into expected and unexpected inflation. As expected inflation ...