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    Customer satisfaction and word of mouth towards online taxi providers: a case study of Grab and Uber 

    Chatbongkot Cheewathanakornkul; Chanita Jiratchot (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    The first objective of this research is to analyze the main factors influencing customer satisfaction,including service quality, self-service technology,and price. Without any one of these factors, the customers might not fully be satisfied with the services of the online taxi providers who are the focus of this case study. The second objective is to examine the relationship between customer satisfaction and word of mouth perceptions. Yamane’s theory is used to determine the sample size. Reliability and Factor Analysis have been ...
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    The effect of the 7Ps of the marketing mix on air freight customer satisfaction and repurchase intention 

    Luo, Anqi; Roach, Scott; Chanita Jiratchot (Assumption University Press, 2015)

    The purposes of this study were to explore the relationship between the marketing mix's 7Ps (product, price, place, promotion, physical evidence, participants/people, and process) and customer satisfaction, and then customer satisfaction's relationship to customer repurchase intention for air freight services. Questionnaires were utilized in this study. Data were analyzed using SPSS software to analyze all hypotheses. As a result, hypotheses on product, promotion, physical evidence, participants/people and customer satisfaction were supported, ...
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    Factors affecting patient satisfaction in public Hospitals in Bangkok 

    Aunthikarn Sudjai; Chanita Jiratchot (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    Customer satisfaction is an important parameter for assessing the quality of patient services. There is a need to assess public hospitals because they are important providers of services to patients, whose satisfaction is important. This study examined the relationship between service quality and the resultant customer satisfaction as experienced by patients. This led to an examination of the relationship between that satisfaction and patient loyalty. The research methodology consisted of a quantitative ...
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    Influences of Destination Image on Thai Students’ Perceived Value and Travel Motivation on the Work and Travel Program 

    Nucharee Supatn; Chanita Jiratchot (2015)

    Work and Travel is known as a program that brings students to work abroad during summer session. As the program is operated by the private firms, students' perception and reaction on the program are important in term of the prediction on the sustainability of the business. This research aims to study the relationships between destination image, perceived benefits and perceived monetary and non-monetary cost,which are time, effort, and possible risk, on perceived value and travel motivation. Questionnaire suvery was designed where 351 sets of ...
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