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    Fischer's semicompatibilism and its consequences 

    Pisit Marnil; Kajornpat Tangyin (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    In this paper I argue that the symmetric approach to moral responsibility, proposed by John Martin Fischer, should be focused merely on the consequence-particular. Fischer employs the symmetric approach with the intention to solve the asymmetric problems on moral responsibility. The problem arises from Frankfurt’s case, which rejects the principle of alternate possibilities (PAP), and relies on the action, rather than omission resulting in asymmetric problems. Fischer solves the problem by using his guidance control and returns the ...
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    Ilya Prigogine's prespective on nature: a critical and creative analysis 

    Kajornpat Tangyin (Bangkok : Assumption University, 1999)
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    Levinas on the primacy of ethics : a critical study 

    Kajornpat Tangyin (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2007)
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    On the neighbor : a reading of kierkegaard's works of love 

    Kajornpat Tangyin (Assumption University, 2013)
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    Reading Kierkegaard on faith through Johannes Climacus and Johannes De Silentio 

    Kajornpat Tangyin (Assumption University, 2009)
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    Reading levinas on 'the other' from a Christian perspective 

    Kajornpat Tangyin (Assumption University, 2007)
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    Service-learning and community : a case study of a university audio-book program for the blind 

    Chavakorn Techakesari; Kajornpat Tangyin (Assumption University Press, 2019)

    University courses in ethics are designed to help a student develop their moral character. But while classroom work provides students with knowledge, it is often not sufficient for deeper character development. The students also need some sort of practical engagement with people in their surrounding communities. This interaction creates both individual reflection and social awareness. Service-learning is a program which encourages the participants to learn and develop their moral characters through working in the community. During this ...
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    A teleological interpretation of John Hick's threefold typology 

    Matsumoto, Fumihiko; Kajornpat Tangyin (Assumption University Press, 2019)

    This research critically investigates the soteriological ground of John Hick’s religious typology and his understanding of Religious Pluralism. It begins by considering the criticsims of Gavin D’Costa who, in his early work, favored Hick’s typology in Theology and Religious Pluralism, but later became critical of it in his work, Impossibility of a Pluralist view of Religions. It will also consider Paul Knitter’s alternative fourfold typology introduced in his work, Introducing Theologies of Religions, and Mark Heim’s ideas concerning ...