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    Combining means-end chain analysis and the portrait value questionnaire to research the influence of personal values on food choice 

    Kamolnate Kitsawad (Elsevier Ltd., 2014)

    Personal values can be measured using quantitative or qualitative methods. This paper aims to investi- gate the attribute-consequence-value patterns collected from means-end chain analysis and to examine their relationship to personal value domains from Schwartz value theory measured through the use of the Portrait Value Questionnaire. The study was performed on two product categories, potato chips and orange juice, in which two value segments of opposing value domains were found, Conservatism and Openness to change clusters. There was consistency ...
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    Consumer acceptance of fruit juice containing probiotic beads 

    Kamolnate Kitsawad (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2007)
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    Determination of suitable palate cleanser for spicy tom yum soup 

    Kamolnate Kitsawad (2014)

    Palate cleansers are required in sensory tests as they help improve the accuracy for sensory responses especially for foods containing strong flavour. The objective of this study is to determine a suitable palate cleanser that can be used to relief spiciness in a Thai dish, tom yum soup. The untrained judges rated the spiciness of three levels of spicy tom yum soups before and after using five palate cleanser strategies, water, bread, unsweetened milk, 10 percent sucrose and nothing. One palate cleanser strategy was used per session, thus the ...
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    Focus group discussion and sorting technique for jasmine tea 

    Kamolphan Ruengdej; Kamolnate Kitsawad (2015)

    Jasmine tea is one of the most commonly consumed drinks in Thailand. Tea leaves are scented with jasmine flowers of which fragrance is absorbed. Jasmine tea currently available in Thai market is mostly in the form of dried leaf and tea bags, and a few are in the form of commercial PET bottle. The objectives of this present study were to examine consumer‟s concept of jasmine tea and to identify the attributes which consumers used to differentiate the jasmine tea. Fourteen commercial jasmine tea samples were included in this study. The samples were ...
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    Lexicon Development for Thai Dessert 

    Kamolnate Kitsawad (Assumption University, 2017-10)
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    Sensory characterization of instant tom yum soup 

    Kamolnate Kitsawad; Nasara Tuntisripreecha (2016)

    Kamolnate Kitsawad 5.86Assumption University of Thailand Nasara Tuntisripreecha Abstract Instant tom yum soups are widely available in the market in various forms, powder, paste, and liquid. Despite the similarity in the use of key ingredients, each product is unique in flavor. The aim of this study was to characterize the sensory profile of instant tom yum soup. Descriptive analysis was performed to examine the sensory profiles of 12 instant tom yum soups. Sensory descriptors were generated; appearance (color, amount of oil, cloudiness), ...
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    Sensory properties and consumer acceptance of imported and domestic sliced black ripe olives 

    Kamolnate Kitsawad (Institute of Food Technologists, 2012)

    Table olives are healthy and nutritious products with high contents of monounsaturated fatty acids, phenolics, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Understanding sensory cues affecting consumer preferences would enable the increase of olive consumption. The objectives of this study were to characterize the sensory properties of commercial sliced black ripe olives from different regions, including California, Egypt, Morocco, Portugal, and Spain, and to examine the preferences of California consumers for sliced black ripe olives. Sensory profiles and ...