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    Factors relating to brand loyalty of a Fitness Health Club franchise Business in Vienna, Austria 

    Krivic, Sarah J.; Loh, Aaron (Assumption University Press, 2016)

    This study focused on brand loyalty for an international, franchised Fitness Health Club in Vienna, Austria. The researcher found six independent variables in order to analyse customers' brand loyalty towards the above mentioned Fitness Health Club. The data was collected through 366 useful questionnaires from the Fitness Health Club and its day-to-day customers and members in Vienna, Austria. The research tested the relationship between brand loyalty and seven variables, which were advertising spending, brand image, brand trust, customer ...
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    Tourists' understanding of the elephant business in the tourism industry: a study of International Tourists in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand 

    Pannarai Polyapipat; Loh, Aaron (2015)

    The elephant is the best-known national symbol of Thailand that has been linked to Thai people for centuries. However the number of elephants is declining very rapidly in the past 25 years and it is possible that the elephant could become extinct in Thailand within 10 years. As the majority of domesticated elephants are in the tourism business, then to study how tourism affects the elephant's welfare is significant for the elephant itself, business owners and tourists. Consequently, the purpose of this research is to investigate tourists' ...