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    A new fuzzy relational framework for a detection of potential 

    Pratit Santiprabhob (Assumption University, 2000)
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    Analysis of two new fuzzy relational products for information processing 

    Pratit Santiprabhob; Kitikorn Dowpise, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 1999)
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    Enhanced Fuzzy-based Handover Decision System Design for Wireless Mobile Networks 

    Thanachai Thumthawatworn; Piyakul Tillapart; Pratit Santiprabhob (2015)

    Numerous fuzzy-based algorithms have been suggested to enhance the intelligence of handover decision system for wireless mobile networks. However, most existing algorithms are based on a monolithic fuzzy engine design resulting in a large algorithm execution time, if a number of decision parameters is large and gives a poorer network selection performance, when dealing with different traffic types. In this paper, an enhanced fuzzy-based handover decision system design is proposed to address the above issues. The proposed design is presented ...
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    Fuzzy systems : an introductory paper 

    Pratit Santiprabhob (Assumption University, 1993)
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    Intelligent Handover Decision Based on Fuzzy Logic for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks 

    Piyakul Tillapart; Thanachai Thumthawatworn; Piboonlit Viriyaphol; Pratit Santiprabhob (2015)

    An intelligent hand over decision system (HDS) is essential to heterogeneous wireless mobile networks in order to fulfill user's expectations in terms of universal and seamless services. With emerging real-time services in heterogeneous networking environment, including multiple QoS parameters in hand over decision process seems essential. In this paper, fuzzy logic is applied to enhance the intelligence of HDS. A new fuzzybased HDS design with the aim to reduce design complexity of fuzzy engine without sacrificing handover decision ...
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    Intervalized similarity and star products 

    Pratit Santiprabhob (Assumption University, 2003)