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    Designing and implementing ODI to improve communication and coordination: a case study standard manufacturing Co., Ltd., secretarial section 

    Wantida Khumtong; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2016)

    This is a research project with a proposed ODI to improve the communication and coordination between the secretarial section and other departments. The researcher designed an appropriate OD Intervention to improve communication and coordination. The first intervention was designing a manual and provided training to the departments who coordinated directly with the secretarial section. The second intervention involved communication training for the secretarial section. This study used quantitative research method. It consisted of two sets of ...
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    Developing an improvement plan for organizational leadership, management functions, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills for a government ministry 

    Da Silva, Elisa Maria; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab; Fernando, Maria Socorro (2020)

    This study examined the current conditions of the Civil Service Commission of Timor-Leste in terms of the organizational leadership, management functions, and interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and proposed an improvement plan to enhance the four variables. Data were collected using structured questionnaires and interviews. Thirty-five participants completed the questionnaires, of which six participants were interviewed based on purposive sampling. The interview transcript was validated by three coders; the responses from the structured ...
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    A factor analysis on ideal leadership characteristics among young MBA students: a case study of international MBA program in Assumption University 

    Raoufian, Mohammad; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2016)

    This survey research used the quantitative approach and examined four variables, consisting of self-awareness, communication, trust, and team-building literature review. This study was conducted at Assumption University of Thailand, Hua-mak campus among current international MBA program students who were employees in different organizations in Bangkok. for analyzing the gathered data, analysis descriptive statistics and factor analysis were used to find out the perception of respondents, specifying the characteristics that were appropriate for ...
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    From self discovery to organization development project: a developmental approach for positive change 

    Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2017-07)

    This paper presents ongoing action research which is derived from an actual organization development project with ABC Company. The rationale is based on the fact that the CEO and Human Resources Department did not see tangible results from previous HRD training programs whereby the emphasis tended to be placed on knowledge building while it was not evidenced as to what actions were taken by employees upon completion of these intensive training programs. Per such facts, the leadership team wanted to change the way that HRD training programs are ...
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    Improving collaborative learning, student engagement and student performance through an experiential learning cycle: a case of Chinese exchange students of an undergraduate program 

    Wenting, He; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2018)

    The main purpose of this research is to improve collaborative learning, student engagement and student performance through an Experiential Learning Cycle. The target group was the 36 Chinese students who study “Business and Social Entrepreneurial” subject and are currently attending Chinese Exchange program. It is the case study of private university in Thailand. Instructional Development intervention was designed and applied using Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle and Organization Development and Change Management theories. Class activities ...
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    An initial analysis of leadership competencies for organization development intervention: a case study of educational QA agency 

    Phusima Pinyosinwat; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2018)

    This research is aims to determine the leadership competencies for organization development intervention; it is a case study on educational quality assessment (QA) agency in Thailand. The objectives consisted of first, to identify and compare the current and expected perception toward leadership competencies of employees and management, and second, to identify the most important leadership competency. The nature of this research work is research and development while employing the mixed method for data collection, analysis and interpretation. ...
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    Key developmental opportunities for long-term organization development of G Commercial Bank, China: a mixed method research 

    Wu, YuJie; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2021)

    This research-based article employs needs assessment research. The research site is at G Commercial Bank in China. The study comprises two objectives: 1) to examine the current and expected situations of the five performance-related factors, consisting of training & development, work-life balance, supervision, organizational commitment, and perceived AI utilization, and 2) to propose an OD intervention for improvement of the aforementioned performance-related factors. This study employs a semi-structured questionnaire containing fixed choices and ...
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    Leadership with heart in the Asian context: lessons from the field 

    Fernando, Marissa; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2011)

    This article presents Leadership with Heart, specifically from the context of two Southeast Asian countries, the Philippines and Thailand. Insights were sought from leaders and managers of these participating countries through an on-line questionnaire using open-ended questions. The questions dealt with two main inquiries: 1) Describe what leadership with heart is to you? and 2) How is leadership with heart experienced by you? Based on the contents analysis of collective insights, there are both similarities and differences in terms of its traits ...
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    OD interventions to develop commitment and engagement in software development teams 

    Sirichai Preudhikulpradab; Fernando, Maria Socorro Cristina L. (Assumption University Press, 2016)

    This paper presents some of the OD interventions to develop Commitment and Engagement in a software development company. It is based on the study of Preudhikulpradab, S. (2011) "Organization Spirituality: Commitment, Awareness, Readiness, and Engagement (C.A.R.E.) for Organization Development and Transformation: A Case of ABC Co., Ltd. This paper presents only the business practices, processes, and recommendations related to Commitment and Engagement in the focal system of the research.
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    A roadmap for future development of leadership competencies of ABC non-profit organization, Thailand and Myanmar 

    Bawk, Nang; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2021)

    This mixed-method research has two objectives: 1). identify current and preferred leadership competencies of all employees' levels and rank the priority needs, 2). design a roadmap for the future development of ABC Organization, Thailand, and Myanmar's leadership competencies. The instruments used comprise the structured questionnaire (n=64) and in-depth interview(n=10). The target populations comprise all employees, middle-level management, and top-level management, the purposive sampling method. The data analysis treatments include descriptive ...
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    Service quality improvement through ODI: a case study of Prem Mansion, Bangkok 

    Sarinee Keyuraphan; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2016)

    this study aims to determine the initial impact of organization development intervention on willingness, problem resolution, time management, and communication skills of employees to enhance service quality and customer satisfaction. Consequently, the work is expected to benefit the organization of Prem Mansion itself in terms of better reputation and trust resulting from the improved service quality. The research covers three phases-Pre-ODI, ODI implementation, and Post-ODI. The first stage is to seek to understand the current situation, ...
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    Transformational leadership, workplace spirituality and organizational performance in a restaurant group in Indonesia: a study of the effectiveness of organization development interventions 

    Widjaja, Deborah Christine; Chavez, Gloria S.; Tayko, Perla Rizalina M.; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2020)

    This study investigated the effectiveness of organization development interventions on transformational leadership, workplace spirituality and organizational performance at a restaurant group in Indonesia. The study followed an action research design, following the three stages, namely pre-ODI, ODI and post-ODI. Data were analyzed using a mix of quantitative and qualitative data analysis. The organization development interventions were directed at the participating leaders, who ranged from the top to the lower levels of the organization, ...
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    Understanding the impact of ODI on the interpersonal skills of the managers and its effect on the subordinates' role commitment 

    Sinchai Luesukprasert; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (Assumption University, 2014)
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    Using WBL as ODI to improve work environment and well-being of employee 

    Kijchai Chotikamankong; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2017)

    This research was undertaken at SC Siam Supply and Sounds. The study was an action research, focus on work environment and well-being of employees The objectives of research comprise of three; 1) To determine the current situation of work environment and well-being of employees; 2)To identify if using WBL as ODI can improve work environment and well-being of employee and 3) To compare the difference between preODI and post-ODI. Data collection techniques of this study were survey, observation and interview while the respondents were employees ...