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    Local festivals, social capital and sustainable destination development: experiences in East London 

    Stevenson, Nancy (2016)

    This paper explores the nature of social capital ar ising from engagement in local fest ivals and the implications of this for the social sustainability of an emerging dest inat ion. Two case studies are developed from a longitudinal research project which investigates local festivals staged in the Hackney Wick and Fish Island area adjacent to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London, UK between 2008 and 2014. This area has been directly affected by extensive development and regeneration efforts associated with the staging ...
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    Reflections Upon the Experience of Longitudinal Research into Cultural Event Production in a Developing Destination 

    Stevenson, Nancy (2015)

    Longitudinal studies have the capacity to provide more nuanced explanations of tour ism and event phenomena, taking account of complexity, change and context. This paper is a self -reflexive, methodological study of research pract ice. It investigates my exper ience of engaging with cultural event producers in an emerging destinat ion over a seven-year period. Focussing on my research journey, it considers the social and relational dynamics associated with longitudinal research. Reciprocal relations and co-production of cultural ...