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    A simple approach to the basic function for B-spline curves 

    To, Tang Van (Assumption University, 1997)
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    Clustering approach to examination scheduling 

    To, Tang Van; Win, Soe San (2010-05)

    The difficulty in examination scheduling is to draw an examination timetable by taking a number of different constraints into account. This paper attempts to optimize two major constraints-to minimize the examination time conflicts and the number of consecutive examinations for a student in a day. Clustering method is applied by analyzing exam enrollments and then groups students into clusters so that students within a cluster are having more similar subject combination to each others than those in another clusters. The purpose of clustering ...
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    Linear recurrence equation to analyzing the complexity of algorithms 

    To, Tang Van (2009)

    Solving recurrence equation (Res) is an important technique in the analysis of algorithms. Especially for the divide and conquer algorithms, establishing the recurrence equations, solving them as well as finding the order of complexity will be discussed.
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    A Self-Growing and Self-Organizing Batch Map with Automatic Stopping Condition 

    Kim, Se Won; To, Tang Van (2013)

    This paper proposes a model of self-growing and self-organizing feature map designed to alleviate the difficulty of predetermining an appropriate size and shape of the feature map suitable for the input data in the applications of the Self-Organizing Map. The proposed model progressively builds a feature map by incremental growing of the network in a way that maintains two-dimensional regular grid structure and gradual adaptation of the reference vectors by coordinated competitive learning dynamics of the Batch Map algorithm. Experimental results ...