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    Humour 2.0: Styles and Types of Humour and Virality of Memes on Facebook 

    Viriya Taecharungroj; Pitchanut Nueangjamnong (2015)

    This research analyzes the communication process of humorous memes in the most vibrant online phenomenon, Facebook. Through quantitative and qualitative content analysis of 1,000 memes shared on a Facebook page, this research tests the effect of various styles and types of humour on the virality of memes. Self-defeating is the most effective style of humour although it is not the most frequently used. By applying the typology used in the context of broadcast and print media, this study shows that although sarcasm and silliness are the two most ...
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    Managerial problems in early childhood development centres in Thailand 

    Viriya Taecharungroj (Assumption University, 2014)