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    An examination of Bangladeshi Patients' Loyalty towards a private hospital in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Afroz, Syeda Israt; Apichart Intravisit (2015)

    The study aims to understand what influence medical tourists, more precisely, Bangladeshi medical tourists' loyalty towards a private hospital. By considering four variables, which are: satisfaction, perceived value, trust, and destination image, this study conducts a survey-based research with 356 Bangladeshi patients who came to the hospital for medical treatment. The questionnaire, containing 42 items, covered the essence of four variables and the loyalty of the patient towards the hospital. The questionnaires were distributed from 1st April ...
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    Strength-Based Operations as Organization Development Intervention (SBO-ODI) on Enhancing Teacher Commitment, Engagement, and Performance: a case study of Assumption College Ubon Ratchathani (ACU) 

    Prawat Sutthinont; Kitikorn Dowpiset (2015)

    In the 21th century, four aspects in the era of globalization: complexity, change, competition, and connectivity, has impacted people's livings. To remain competitive the organization needs to design working environments with strong continuous-learning process to enhance commitment and engagement of the employees for better performance. Strength-Based Operation as Organization Development Intervention (SBO-ODI) was designed as a strategic intervention to support the working capabilities of the teaching and supporting staff at Assumption College ...
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    Teacher Professional Development Program: a case study on Appreciative Teacher Professional Development (ATPD) at Adventist Ekamai School (AES), Bangkok 

    Charnchai Denduangruedee; Villavicencio, Salvacion E. (2015)

    This research aims to examine the applicability of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and Whole Brain Literacy (WBL) concepts into designing an effective Teacher Professional Development/Transformation program. The study was conducted on Adventist Ekamai School (AES), a small private Christian school with the main objective to help AES develop/transform its teachers and increase their levels of Teacher Efficacy and Pedagogical Content Knowledge. An Action Research was employed in this study covering a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods ...
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    Tourists' understanding of the elephant business in the tourism industry: a study of International Tourists in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand 

    Pannarai Polyapipat; Loh, Aaron (2015)

    The elephant is the best-known national symbol of Thailand that has been linked to Thai people for centuries. However the number of elephants is declining very rapidly in the past 25 years and it is possible that the elephant could become extinct in Thailand within 10 years. As the majority of domesticated elephants are in the tourism business, then to study how tourism affects the elephant's welfare is significant for the elephant itself, business owners and tourists. Consequently, the purpose of this research is to investigate tourists' ...