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    Determinant of revisit Intention of the Bangkokian Millennials: a case study of MK restaurant 

    Yuanjie, Du; Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti (2018)

    This research aimed on how determinants factors (Service quality, Food quality, and Brand image) impacted upon revisit intention of MK restaurant (formerly known as MK Suki), one of the Thailand’s suki chains. This study used explanatory and exploratory mixed methods research designed by Creswell (2011). Firstly, this study has developed specific operational components based on pilot study and two theories that comprise SERVQUAL and theory of were planned behavior (abbreviated TPB), There were two rounds of pilot study prior to complete the ...
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    An examination of the influential factors of packaging, price sensitivity and brand image on frozen food consumer buying behavior in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Peeraput Thiendej; Sirion Chaipoopirutana (2016-02)

    Packaging has been gradually taking on an important role as a way to serve consumers by providing information and delivering functions. The role of packaging is observed as a strategic tool to influence consumer buying behavior. The main purpose of this research was to identify the influences of the visual elements of packaging in terms of graphics and size/shape and the informational elements of packaging in terms of product information and technology, brand image, price sensitivity on consumer buying behavior of CP ready- to-eat ...
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    Exploring relationship among brand innovativeness, brand knowledge and brand Loyalty: a case study of Huawei smartphone 

    Zhiyuan, Yu; Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti (2018)

    This study explores an impact of brand knowledge and brand innovativeness on brand loyalty. It is a case study of Chinese who has currently used Huawei smartphone in any series. The study applied explanatory and exploratory mixed method sequential designed by Creswell (2009). Both pilot study with two rounds of interview and literature reviews has produced the proposed conceptual model paralleled with questionnaire designated. Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) technique to measure two relationships amongst brand knowledge, brand innovativeness, ...
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    Factors affecting customer satisfaction on Brand X green tea: a case study of Bangkok consumers 

    Tipjaree Chanruechai; Fernando, Maria Socorro Cristina L. (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    This research determines the factors affecting customer satisfaction on Brand X green tea as well as the relationship between independent variables (quality of tea, price, brand image, and health concern) and dependent variable (customer satisfaction). The quantitative method was used in this research. The sampling procedure is non-random snowball sampling. The survey questionnaire is an online questionnaire via social network including Facebook, Line application, and Twitter. The scope of this research includes 385 Bangkokians who have ...
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    Factors affecting purchase intention of BYD new energy vehicles in China 

    Tan, Wenchao; Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti (2019)

    This research aimed on how determinants factors (Brand Image, Brand Reputation, Selfimage congruence, Subjective Norm, Perceived Behavioral Control and Environmental Attitude) affect the purchase intention of BYD new energy vehicle, one of the new energy vehicles made by a Chinese brand. This study used the two mixed method design by Creswell (2008). The mixed method is a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods. This study also seeks to identify the factors that influencing purchase intention of BYD new energy vehicles ...
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    Factors Affecting Repurchase Intention of Smartphone: A Case Study of Huawei Smartphone in Yangon, Myanmar 

    Win, Khin Sandar; Sirion Chaipoopirutana (2015-09)

    This study investigates the relationship between functional value, price consciousness, word of mouth, brand image, attitude towards product and repurchases intention of a smartphone brand. To do so, a survey was conducted by distributing 420 questionnaires in 7 different shopping malls in Yangon, Myanmar. The data collected was analyzed using SPSS and hypotheses were examined by employing the Pearson correlation and multiple linear regression. The results show that there is a positive and significant relationship among functional ...
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    Factors influencing customer purchase intention of fitness center membership:a case study of MBA students at Assumption University city campus 

    Nanthana Rujiramora (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    The increase of fitness center market attracts the investors as the health conscious trend of Thais that boom in last couple years. Numerous new health care businesses are coming to the industry. To keep the leader status in the industry and achieve business goal by increasing profit, the existing companies need to know their customers very well and serve their needs completely. This study aims to determine which factors and criteria influence customer intention to purchase in fitness center membership in central Bangkok area which has three ...
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    Factors relating to brand loyalty of a Fitness Health Club franchise Business in Vienna, Austria 

    Krivic, Sarah J.; Loh, Aaron (Assumption University Press, 2016)

    This study focused on brand loyalty for an international, franchised Fitness Health Club in Vienna, Austria. The researcher found six independent variables in order to analyse customers' brand loyalty towards the above mentioned Fitness Health Club. The data was collected through 366 useful questionnaires from the Fitness Health Club and its day-to-day customers and members in Vienna, Austria. The research tested the relationship between brand loyalty and seven variables, which were advertising spending, brand image, brand trust, customer ...
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    Foreign-Branding, Product Evaluations, and Brand Image: An Experiment on Brand Pronunciation in Thailand 

    Amonrat Thoumrungroje (2012)

    The use of foreign branding has become a popular strategy to employ on local products. A betweensubjects experimental design involving a total of 80 Thai participants was conducted to examine the effects of foreign branding on consumers product evaluations and attitudes toward the brand. Foreign branding was manipulated as English and Thai pronunciation of six fictitious brand names. The results indicate that English pronunciation fostered higher perceptions of product hedonism, regardless of whether the product is actually hedonic, hybrid or ...
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    Impact of perceived service on brand image and repurchase intentions of Thai passengers towards low cost carriers 

    Shanyalak Sangkatat Na Ayutthaya (Assumption University, 2013)

    Since the application of the Open Sky Policy in 2002, Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) have been gaining a progressive market share in Thailand. However the numbers of academic researchers in this field are limited, the researcher hence focused on Thai passengers traveling on LCCs to explore new knowledge. Based on a comprehensive literature review, the conceptual model investigated whether the perceived service quality affects airline brand image and repurchase intention of Thai passengers was developed and tested in LCCs sector. ...
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    Is corporate social responsibility a determinant of purchase intention? : A case study of Ncell Nepal 

    Sharma, Sumit; Thongdee Kijboonchoo (2015)

    This study investigates the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities performed by a company and its behavioral effects on customer behavior indicators namely: brand image, perceived price fairness, awareness of CSR, and purchase intention. This study also takes into account perceived service quality and its influence on customer purchase intention. The researcher surveyed about 401 respondents of generation Y in Nepal. Structural Equation Modeling was applied for the data analysis. The results showed that there ...
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    The products' factors affecting purchase intention: a case study of condominium in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Thaninrath Wonggotwarin; Kim, Seongdok (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    The objective of research is to examine the effect of product’s factors which are product quality, service quality, brand image, and product design of condominium toward purchase intention of condominiums in Bangkok. In Thailand, due to the popularity of condominiums, the expansion of investment on this market has continually grown year by year and the condominium market has become highly competitive. This current research is significant in that it would help condominium developers know about what kind of condominiums preferred by potential buyers ...
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    A study on Myanmar tourists’ loyalty based on Thailand as a destination brand 

    Lun, Nang (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2016)
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    A study on Myanmar tourists’ loyalty based on Thailand as a destination brand 

    Lun, Nang; Batra, Adarsh (2016-06)

    This study aims to investigate Myanmar tourists’ loyalty toward Thailand as a destination brand by testing the relationships of brand loyalty with brand awareness, brand image, brand quality, and brand value. This study is based on non-probability convenience and judgment sampling with 384 respondents of Myanmar tourists who have visited Thailand during October and November 2015. The questionnaires were distributed at the air ticket check-in areas of Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueng International airports in Bangkok. The data were analyzed by ...
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