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    Factors relating to brand loyalty of a Fitness Health Club franchise Business in Vienna, Austria 

    Krivic, Sarah J.; Loh, Aaron (Assumption University Press, 2016)

    This study focused on brand loyalty for an international, franchised Fitness Health Club in Vienna, Austria. The researcher found six independent variables in order to analyse customers' brand loyalty towards the above mentioned Fitness Health Club. The data was collected through 366 useful questionnaires from the Fitness Health Club and its day-to-day customers and members in Vienna, Austria. The research tested the relationship between brand loyalty and seven variables, which were advertising spending, brand image, brand trust, customer ...
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    The influencing factors toward brand loyalty of smartphone in Phnom Penh, Cambodia 

    Dauch, Kao; Apichart Intravisit (2016)

    The purpose of this study was to investigate the influencing factors of the independent variables, i.e. brand affect, brand trust, customer satisfaction, perceived quality, advertising spending, customer orientation, and CSR toward brand loyalty as dependent variable for the Apple iPhone in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Then, the conceptual framework was designed from the theoretical framework, and hypotheses were constructed from the conceptual framework in order to know the relationship between dependent variable and independent variable. The researcher ...
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    Roles of Employer Brand Trust and Brand Value on Employer Attractiveness and Job Selection of the Prospective Job Applicants 

    Nucharee Supatn (Assumption University, 2017-04)

    To compete in nowadays business environment, one focus that an organization should not overlook is the quality of the employees since it undoubtedly influences the organizational performance and leads to organizational success. The effectiveness of the Job employment process has been issued in the human resource field for decades. "Employer branding" is a human resource strategic tool that the organization can use to obtain the talented and skillful employees who fit well with the organization and its requirements ...