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    An investigation of English in traditional Chinese medicine labels 

    Li, Zhuoxin (Assumption University, 2011)
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    Authentic Leadership, Social Cognitive Theory, and Character Education: The Transforming of Theories into Practices 

    Jerome Banks; Nathara Mhunpiew (US-China Education Review B, 2012)

    Character development must balance academic achievement. International school environments are diverse and multicultural settings, containing a learning-focused culture. This investigation constructs the sophisticated elements of authentic leadership and the complexities of the social cognitive theory as factors that produce a practical approach to character development in international schools. The research referenced solidifies this claim by providing evidence to the significance of this theory-based approach. The propose of this study is to ...
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    Cultural Isolation as Depicted in Anita Desai's Bye-Bye Blackbird 

    Ramnath Srinath (2015)

    Anita Desai’s Bye-Bye Blackbird,published in 1971, is a story mainly concerned with cross cultural human relationships. Dev and Aditand Sarah the British wife of Aditare the three major characters representing two sections of life. Adit, has ankinship to the western ways of life, especially, England, while Dev living in England, shows his revulsion towards the ways of European life and particularly of England. Sarah, Adit’sEnglish wife, even though Western and first world by birth, is portrayed by Desai as being weak, meek and docile.Adit, ...
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    Cultures as determinants of innovation - an evidence from European context 

    Habisch, Andre; Bing, Zhu (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    Cultural studies have played a major role for a better understanding of innovation. In particular, cultural variables have always been integrated in innovation studies at different levels. Referring to Hofstede´s analytical framework, we thereby analyze how different cultural factors may concretely impact innovation at national levels. Data of Hofstede’s cultural dimension and innovation are derived from secondary data sources. 34 European countries with comprehensive scores of cultural dimensions and innovation indexes are finally applied in ...
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    An evaluation of cultural contents and activities in the general English textbook 

    Zar, Ei Thin; Ramnath, Rajeevnath (Assumption University Press, 2016)

    This is an evaluation of cultural contents and activities in the textbook, General English, published by the Curriculum Project, Thabyay Education Foundation, used in the migrant learning centers in the Thailand-Myanmar border. The evaluation was done to support Thabyay Education Foundation, a non-profit organization. General English has been adapted from Language in Use (1991) and developed for the post-secondary who are between the age of 16 to 25. This research was conducted to find out whether the materials were appropriate with regard to ...
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    Illustrated packaging of chicken Masman curry with Durian 

    Piyanat Dabbhasuta (Assumption University Press, 2015)

    Packaging design for Durian Masman Curry using Thai pattern and Wood cut inspired graphic to convey East-West Style.
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    The influence of culture, gender and academic achievement on foreign language anxiety 

    Angsana Chanak (2016)

    Although a multitude of research studies have been conducted on communication anxiety, studies investigating cultural factors and communication anxiety from both a reading and writing perspective are limited. To help educators, the present study compared students from Thailand and the People‟s Republic of China (PRC) at an international university, in order to discover if culture, gender and academic achievement are significantly related to reading and writing anxiety. The results indicated that overall reading anxiety was not significantly ...
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    Pragmatic awareness and its role in both teaching and learning English 

    Tassev, Valentin Valentinov (Assumption University, 2017)

    Broadly speaking, the following research study will examine critically the impact of local socio-cultural factors on the process of second language acquisition (SLA) among Thai learners of English. In particular, it will highlight that when learning a second/foreign language (L2), people often respond to certain expressions in the new language more engagingly if these expressions somehow represent a concept or an idea that people are familiar with or can easily identify with from the perspective of their own cultures. Throughout this research ...
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    Sculpting Ganesha and Shiva 

    Krairung Attanatho (Assumption University Press, 2015)

    New and interpretative sculpting of Ganesha sculpture for aesthetic and new utility.
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    The impacts of Thai culture on executive information systems development 

    Waraporn Jirachiefpattana (Assumption University, 1997)
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    The shifting paradigms in second language research 

    Foley, Joseph A. (Assumption University Press, 2009)

    This paper first looks at the psychological oriented tradition in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and in spite of the valuable contributions made, the number of shortcomings in the explanation of how people learn a language. There has been a shift in paradigm in terms of research into SLA in the last few decades, in that a more socially oriented explanation of language learning is seen as equally important for a complete account of how language acquisition and development takes place. Research into SLA from this perspective would involve ...
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    Towards a culture of global solidarity 

    Voicu, Ioan (Assumption University, 2000)
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    Validating the cultural value scale (CVSCALE) : a case study of Thailand 

    Kriengsin Prasongsukarn (Assumption University, 2009)