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    Deletion and Selection Model for Test Case Selection 

    Adtha Lawanna; Jittima Wongwuttiwat; Benjawan Srisura (2016)

    Deletion and selection model is planned for improving the ability of selecting the relevant test cases of the modified programs by comparing the outcomes with the well-known traditional methods, which are random, dataflow, slicing, model based, code based, and coverage based analysis. This is because after adapting the programs for several times, numbers of test case will increase that can drop the whole performance of the new version. The problems are time consuming and producing bugs and other failures when using the updated software. The ...
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    An Effective Model for Case-Based Maintenance in Cased-Based Reasoning Systems 

    Adtha Lawanna (2015-11)

    Case-based reasoning systems have been applied for machine learning, artificial intelligence, knowledge-based systems and other related fields in order to provide the right solution to the right problem regarding the four processes, which are the process to retrieve, reuse, revise, and retain cases. This paper focuses on the last process because it produces two main problems, which are the size of a case base increase and the ability of preserving the competency decreases. These critical issues are occurring when repeating the cycles of ...