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    IT Design Skills Selection for Professional Development 

    Jittima Wongwuttiwat; Adtha Lawanna (2016-02)

    IT professionals in these days need to obtain multidisciplinary skill sets in order to succeed in their career. Design skill is considered as one of important characteristic for IT professionals. Many researches addressed design skill sets differently. This results in an increasing numbers of design skill items, in which some of those items have their meaning slightly different from each other. These long lists of design skill items can cause to long range of questionnaire. This study evaluates three techniques used for items selection which help ...
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    Promotional design for raising awareness of online media literacy 

    Apitsara Maliwan (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2018)
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    Re-Imaging Mae-Naak Through Mise-En-Science: The (Re) Construction in Scenic and Costume Designing Work 

    Vajirakorn Ardkhumwong (2016)

    This paper is a study of the conceptualization and the creation of scenic and costume designing for the experimental dance performance entitled ‘JUST DANCE’, in CA Creative Research Project 2016. The creative wok study is aimed at illustrating and explaining, the analytical interpretation of performance concept, with critical perspectives on stereotypical formation, to create theatrical designing works. The study shows the concretization of ideas from critical perspectives into creation of scenic and costume designing work. The creation was ...
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    Type design for the Southern dialect of Thailand 

    Patsaraporn Kaewma (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2018)