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    An examination of Bangladeshi Patients' Loyalty towards a private hospital in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Afroz, Syeda Israt; Apichart Intravisit (2015)

    The study aims to understand what influence medical tourists, more precisely, Bangladeshi medical tourists' loyalty towards a private hospital. By considering four variables, which are: satisfaction, perceived value, trust, and destination image, this study conducts a survey-based research with 356 Bangladeshi patients who came to the hospital for medical treatment. The questionnaire, containing 42 items, covered the essence of four variables and the loyalty of the patient towards the hospital. The questionnaires were distributed from 1st April ...
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    Influences of Destination Image on Thai Students’ Perceived Value and Travel Motivation on the Work and Travel Program 

    Nucharee Supatn; Chanita Jiratchot (2015)

    Work and Travel is known as a program that brings students to work abroad during summer session. As the program is operated by the private firms, students' perception and reaction on the program are important in term of the prediction on the sustainability of the business. This research aims to study the relationships between destination image, perceived benefits and perceived monetary and non-monetary cost,which are time, effort, and possible risk, on perceived value and travel motivation. Questionnaire suvery was designed where 351 sets of ...
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    A study on foreign tourist satisfaction on tourism attributes in Kunming, China 

    Yue, Guo; Ruangyot Sanposh (2015-11)

    This research attempted to identify the factors such as tourism attraction, accessibility and infrastructure, safety and security, destination image, affecting tourist's destination satisfaction in Kunming City, China. This research also explored the relationship between tourist satisfaction and selected tourists' demographic characteristics (age, gender and education level) and travel behavior characteristics (length of stay, past-experience and source of information). The study areas for this research were the main attractions of Kunming City, ...