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    Improved Bandwidth Allocation In Cognitive Radio Networks Based on Game Theory 

    Bhattarai, Amulya; Patrachart Komolkiti; Chaodit Aswakul (2013-05)

    In this paper, an improved method for bandwidth allocation in a Cognitive Radio Network based on game theory is presented. In this work, utility has been modified by inserting weights to the three terms, received power, interference to other links and interference from other links. Inserting weights enables us to treat different CRN scenarios separately and appropriately as per the requirement of the administrator. Moreover, a suitable performance index for a CRN that considers throughput and interference to other links has been introduced ...
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    Policies for Channel Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks using Game Theory 

    Bhattarai, Amulya (2016)

    Cognitive radio networks evolve according to the actions of sel sh users who act independently. The eventual state reached in most of the cases by such a system is a Nash Equilibrium (NE). Multiple NE with di erent qualities may exist. In this work we consider the problem of allocating channels to multiple transceivers. Based on policies derived from various network metrics we develop a way to initialize the allocation and choose the appropriate channel for each user to push the system towards a higher normalized cumulative total ...