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    Extending a Standard Tablet into an Ocarina Playing Gaming Platform with Projected Parallax Layers 

    Pisal Setthawong (2015-10)

    This paper describes the implementation of a clipon hardware extension to the standard tablet to create a gaming platform that can help people play the 4 hole variation of the ocarina musical instrument. A clip-on contraption was used to project the visual output into a physically layered parallax layer to create an interesting visual presentation. The proposed clipon contraption was designed and custom-made to fit a standard 10” tablet and a 3D Role Playing Game utilizing the 4 hole ocarina fingering scheme as input was developed as a ...
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    The transition from social network to gamification for education: knowledge level of Thai higher education students 

    Poonsri Vate-U-Lan (The 57th World Assembly of the International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET 2013)., 2013)

    This research article reviews ‗Gamification‘ and other new technology strategies for educational purposes. The objective of this research paper is to report a result of a case study in a selected university in Bangkok. Gamification is the concept of applying game- design thinking to non-game applications to make them more enjoyable and engaging. Gamification has been recommended as a future innovation in student support which may replace Social Networks. Gamification will influence learning management methods and learning material design. The ...
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    Trends and directions of technology in elementary schools under the Bangkok metropolitan administration 

    Poonsri Vate-U-Lan (Paper presented at the Fifth TCU International E-learning Conference 2014 “Overcome the Uncertainty of Technology in Education”, 2014)

    The future can be forecast from a decision based on current knowledge in relation to the trends and directions of computer technology implementation in a school. It depends frequently on the influence of administrators and their knowledge level. It is crucial to study the demand and the confidence level of e- learning implementation in the schools from an administration perspective. In 2013, a group of 120 school administrators attended a seminar workshop on e-learning at a university in Bangkok, Thailand. Fifty-six participants returned the ...