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    The factors affecting healthy lifestyle and attitude towards organic foods: a case study of people living in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Aunchisa Charoenpanich; Rawin Vongurai (2018)

    Nowadays, people worldwide are more aware of agricultural residues in foods. Consumers start to find an alternative way in food purchase. Health and wellness are the new lifestyle status for Asian consumers who are more health-conscious and interested in organic foods. China and India are two of the fastest growing markets for organic foods. Thailand is known as food basket of Asia and kitchen of the world due to an abundance of natural resources, and has increasingly emphasized on organically grown foods. The Thai government has ...
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    The factors affecting on customers purchase intention of white kidney bean products 

    Naluchat Kitburin; Preecha Methavasaraphak (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2019)

    The research aims to study the factor affecting on purchase intention of white kidney bean product. In healthy market, the people are more concern about health food. The trend towards purchasing healthy products is growing among people. However, the white kidney bean is containing high nutrition, but it is not well known among Thai peoples. The white kidney bean is not popular in Thailand because almost the white kidney bean in Thailand are import from other country and hardly to find white kidney bean products in the market. So, there seems ...
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    Factors affecting purchase intention toward almond milk: a case study of Thai experienced and inexperienced consumers 

    Soonthorn Pibulcharoensit; Sutthisak Inthawadee; Wu, Yongqiang; Yang, Xiannong; Peng, Fangzhi; Feng, Engxu (Assumption University Press, 2020)

    The healthy trend has been grownrapidly in Thailandmarketsince a few years ago. There are many kindsof healthy products which provided to the consumers. Also,almond milk is one of a new face to themarket.The objective of study this research is to examinethe factor of affecting Thai people’spurchase intentiontoward almond milk. The researcher used an online and offline survey to develop and distributequestionnaires to the sample of theThai population. The target populations wereboth Thai people who ever purchased ...
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    The Impact of Environmental Advertisement, Health Consciousness and Personal Norm on Organic Food Consumption in Shanghai, China 

    Bing, Zhu (2012-06)

    The consumption of organic food has risen due to consumers’ concerns over issues regarding the environmental problems, food safety and health. This study explores the effects of factors (environmental advertisements, health consciousness, and personal norms) on organic food consumption in Shanghai. The data was collected from 400 consumers at 4 Carrefour supermarkets in Shanghai who purchased organic food. All hypotheses were analyzed by SEM (structural equation model). The research outcomes revealed that organic food consumption was positively ...
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    A study of purchase intention of imported organic cosmetic in Thailand 

    Pan, Qi; Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti (2018)

    The research determines in which factors that impact on purchase intention of imported organic cosmetics in Thailand. This research used mixed method designed by Creswell (2011) which includes two phases. The first phase is explanatory sequential design; and the second phase is exploratory sequential design. The researcher has started an interview with two Thais who have had experienced at least once in purchasing imported organic product. Accordingly, three variables have confirmed. In the second phase, researcher designed a questionnaire ...