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    A comparative study of Thai high school students' ideal and ought-to L2 selves in Bangkok 

    Banthita Malirum (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2018)
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    Ideal L2 Self and Ought-to L2 Self: A Study in the Thai Context 

    Ratchaporn Rattanaphumma (2016)

    The study of motivation has been one of main interesting areas in second language teaching and learning. The integrative and instrumental motivation proposed by Gardner and Lambert (1972) has been challenged by the rise of global English and the changing purposes of English language teaching, learning, and using worldwide. In this study, the new theory of L2 Motivational Self System (Dornyei, 2005) has been used as the framework. The objectives of the study were to: 1) explore how students view themselves as L2 users; and 2) explore ...