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    People Identification and Counting System Using Raspberry Pi 

    Tussanai Parthornratt (2016-01)

    The work in this paper focuses on an implementation of OpenCV in an embedded system like raspberry Pi to create a mini-standalone station for counting people. The key feature of AU-PiCC (Assumption University's raspberry Pi Customer counter) is to count a number of interested people on target product in a pre-defined area along with a simple face identification to avoid counting duplicates. The experimental results show that this raspberry Pi-based system can be used as a simple people counter station.
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    Screening and primary identification of lipid degradation microorganism from local bioextracts 

    Viyada Kunathigan (2014)

    Bioextract is a solution of fermented organic matters which mainly are agricultural leftover containing living microorganisms. Studies have shown that bioextract may be applied to agriculture, livestock, gardening and landscaping, composting, and bioremediation. Latterly, bioextract was introduced for wastewater treatment, due to bioextract characteristic and environmentally friendly. From previous studies (Nitsuwat et al., 2013), addition of bioextract was capable to reduce total solid, grease and oil in domestic wastewater. The grease and oil ...