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    Whose Voice? Love Legend of Phra Khanong: A Case of "Mak, Nak and People of Phra Khanong" 

    Arunwadi Leewananthawet (2016-04)

    The love legend of Mae Nak Phra Khanong was perceived and portrayed as a haunting, revenge and furious ghost story for almost a century. In 1999, Nonzee Nimibutr’s version of Nang Nak was claimed as the first version that humanized Mae Nak and depicted tragic aspect of her as a mournful young lady who devoted her life to her husband, a strong stereotype of how Thai girl (in the past) should conduct. However, Nimibutr had also highlighted the aspect of Buddhist Animism that finally ended ‘the life of Mae Nak’ in this story. The truth is Mae ...