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    Challenges to logistics in the ASEAN landscape: A case of three logistics companies in Thailand 

    Kitti Phothikitti; Chatelier, Glen (2015)

    While major logistics companies claim that they are 24/7 ready and capable of logistics activities to meet the challenges of logistics demands in the ASEAN, there are three clear challenges that companies are required to address: Human resources for urgently better training, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) connectivity which requires upgrading and vivid standards and the intricacies of access to the archipelagic countries.
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    Creating the company of choice by improving employee morale and job satisfaction: A case study on YZJY Company 

    Song, Jie; Fernando, Maria Socorro Cristina L. (2015)

    This research was conducted to determine the levels of employee morale and job satisfaction in relation to creating a company of choice. This research was conducted using the action research model involving the company managers and employees. Survey, observations, and interviews were used for data collection. The study determined the current situation of the employees' job satisfaction and morale that affected the company as a "company of choice"; identified appropriate organization development interventions (ODI) that could facilitate the ...
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    Creativity dialog map: the adaptive Organization Development Technology for positive change in the organization 

    Kitikorn Dowpiset (2015)

    Organization Development is an imperative process for the growth of organizations. The underlying process of the OD framework and its tools and techniques are intentionally implemented for planned change towards its view of an organization's preferred direction and vision. This article presents an important process in planned change, that is, the processing of information. Convergent thinking and divergent thinking are alternative approaches to processing information. The paper presents the design of a new OD technology called "creativity ...
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    Identifying the association between relationship marketing and customer loyalty at ABC Bank in Assumption University Campuses: A case study based on the Student's Point of View 

    John, Jerry; Thongdee Kijboonchoo (2015)

    Relationship marketing is a marketing technique aimed at the development of long term customer relationships. This marketing technique is aimed at retaining existing customers rather than to attract newer customers. The main objective of this research study is to determine whether bonding, trust, commitment, communication, competence and conflict handling dimensions of relationship marketing have a significant relationship with customer satisfaction and customer loyalty variables among banking customers. The researcher identified the student ...
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    The influence of service quality on overall customer satisfaction and the influence of overall customer satisfaction on customer loyalty in retail banking in Bangkok 

    Phatcharida Jongphae; Santhiti Treetipbut (2015)

    The main objective of this paper is to identify the critical service quality dimensions that influence overall customer satisfaction and the influence of overall customer satisfaction on customer loyalty in Retail Bangking in Bangkok. SERVPERF measurement was applied to measure service quality of Retail Bangking. 400 questionnaires were employed to collect data in front of five banks and a quota sampling method was used to ensure that representatives of each bank were proportionate based on the number of bank branches in Bangkok. Regression ...
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    Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) used in food truck business: A case study of Five Burger Food Trucks in Bangkok's Metropolitan area 

    Tonghathai Likhitweerawong; Kitikorn Dowpiset (2015)

    The purpose of this study is to examine how Integrated Marketing Communications or IMC is put into practice by the management of food trucks in Bangkok area. In this study, data was collected from interviews with ten respondents who are the managers of five food trucks in Bangkok. Contextual observations were also made on the site of the food trucks and on other communication channels. Data was analyzed by content analysis and categorized into themes corresponding to each of the five key features of IMC The insights gained from this study shows ...
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    Is corporate social responsibility a determinant of purchase intention? : A case study of Ncell Nepal 

    Sharma, Sumit; Thongdee Kijboonchoo (2015)

    This study investigates the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities performed by a company and its behavioral effects on customer behavior indicators namely: brand image, perceived price fairness, awareness of CSR, and purchase intention. This study also takes into account perceived service quality and its influence on customer purchase intention. The researcher surveyed about 401 respondents of generation Y in Nepal. Structural Equation Modeling was applied for the data analysis. The results showed that there ...
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    Management strategies and sustainability of National Museums in Bangkok 

    Daosiree Chayasirisobhon; Batra, Adarsh (2015)

    Today, tourism is one of the most important industries for Thailand. Among the attractions, national museums are considered the center that present the nation's history, art and culture inherited from the past and preserved until now. These make management and sustainability as public organizations very important to consider. This research was therefore conducted to find out what and how strategies are developed and practiced among the national museums in Bangkok as well as significant areas that lead to sustainability. Only qualitative methods ...
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    The marketing and management of the travelling theme park in Thailand: The case study of Siam Carnival Fun Fair 

    Tithikarn Angkul; Batra, Adarsh (2015)

    The purpose of this research in to analyze the biggest travelling theme park in Thailand. This research mainly focuses on the marketing and management of the travelling theme park. The marketing area that this research focuses is the advertising methods that the theme park and the safety methods that the theme park use in order to gain trustworthiness from the tourists. This study uses qualitative method. Data collection using semi-structured interview, in-depth interview and observation was conducted on 12-13 July 2015. The theme park uses ...
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    The motivation, methods, and economic effects of artificially high real estate Prices in the United States 2009 to Present 

    White, Gerard (2015)

    By purchasing mortgages backed securities in default from banks in exchange for cash, and manipulating interest rates through its bond buying programs, the Federal Reserve has not only stemmed the drop in housing prices, but also inflated housing prices by manipulating supply and demand mechanics. In the short-term, quantitative easing 3 succeeded in stopping the steep fall in U.S. housing prices but long-term, consequences are on the horizon. Debt financed quantitative easing programs successfully created short-term housing price inflation at ...
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    The new trends and innovations in selected five-star hotels in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Nan, Hua; Batra, Adarsh (2015)

    Thailand is a country that highly relies on the tourism industry. Following the new trends and innovations are significant for development of hotels. In this study, researcher analyzed trends, challenges and innovations in selected five-star hotels in Bangkok. This paper further discussed innovation in selected five-star hotels, and the impact affected by innovations and innovative practices in hotels. Qualitative research techniques ware used in this study. In-depth interviews were conducted in English with three officials from selected ...
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    The role of sport in the development of tourism: A study on awareness, opinion, preference and selected stakeholders contribution by sport tourists and non-sport tourists in Bangkok and Pattaya City 

    Kolenberg, Mark; Batra, Adarsh (2015)

    Thailand is a developing country that depends heavily on the tourism industry; therefore for the development of Thailand in the long run, it is crucial for Thailand to understand the sport tourism market as sport tourism. Sport tourism is a growing market. This study aims to analyze and determine the role of sport towards the development of tourism though understanding awareness, opinion, preference and selected stakeholders contribution by sport tourists and non-sport tourists in Bangkok and Pattaya City. This study has a total of 400 ...
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    A study on foreign tourist satisfaction on tourism attributes in Kunming, China 

    Yue, Guo; Ruangyot Sanposh (2015-11)

    This research attempted to identify the factors such as tourism attraction, accessibility and infrastructure, safety and security, destination image, affecting tourist's destination satisfaction in Kunming City, China. This research also explored the relationship between tourist satisfaction and selected tourists' demographic characteristics (age, gender and education level) and travel behavior characteristics (length of stay, past-experience and source of information). The study areas for this research were the main attractions of Kunming City, ...
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    A study on leadership styles, job related factors and organizational cultures towards Job Satisfaction of Teachers in the Diocese of Diphu, India 

    Lukose, Saji; Sirion Chaipoopirutana (2015)

    The purpose of this research is to investigate the relationship between the independent variables such as transformational leadership, transactional leadership, salary, job training, and supervision, working conditions, esprit de corps (team work), accountability, career progress, recognition, job clarity, adaptive culture and mission culture with dependent variable teachers' job satisfaction in the Diocese of Diphu, India. This study exclusively made use of survey methods to collect the data from 400 respondents and analyzed using SPSS 21.0. ...