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    The Effects of Macroeconomic Factors on Stock Return of Energy Sector in Shanghai Stock Market 

    Bing, Zhu (2012)

    The purpose of this study is to study the impact of macroeconomic factors on return of energy sector in Shanghai stock market (SEE), which are inflation rate, money supply (M2), exchange rate, industrial production, bond, exports, imports, foreign reserve and unemployment rate. The secondary data, collected from People’s Bank of China and the National Bureau of Statistics of China, were for the period beginning January 2005 to December 2011 with no any missing monthly observations. The samples are selected from Shanghai Stock Exchange (SEE) to ...
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    The Review of Macroeconomic Factors and Stock Returns 

    Nopphon Tangjitprom (2012)

    This paper aims to review a number of studies on macroeconomic factors and stock returns. All of the macroeconomic variables are classified into four groups: variables reflecting general economic conditions, variables related to interest rate and monetary policy, variables concerning price level, and variables concerning international activities. Furthermore, various studies on macroeconomics factors and stock returns have employed different methodologies based on their purposes and interpretations. Although the results are mixed, most studies ...