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    Factors influencing on intention to use self-service parcel delivery service : an empirical case study of metropolitan and greater Bangkok area 

    Krisana Kitcharoen (Assumption University Press, 2019)

    The retail sales of global e-commercearecontinuously growing,and e-commerce has gained a huge sharefromphysical retail over the last decadebecause of the impact of better internet access and technology development. All these makeonline shopping easier and more convenient. However, e-commerce businesses face many problems especiallythe risk of delayeddelivery that is the delivery process that delays the arrival of parcels for the customers. This delay called “Last Mile Problem” has negativeeffects onthe onlineshopping of customers”. Delivery ...
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    The influence of dispositional optimism-pessimism on life satisfaction mediated by coping strategies among Thais in Bangkok 

    Yanika Hoontrakul; Parvathy Varma (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2019)

    Research has shown that optimism and productive coping strategies have a momentous positive impact on physical and psychological well-being. It has been found that optimists tend to use engaged-style coping and pessimists use disengagedstyle coping. Therefore, the present study aims to investigate the direct and indirect relationship of dispositional optimism-pessimism on life satisfaction, being mediated by coping strategies among Thais in Bangkok. Two hundred and four Thai adults participated in an online survey. The research design of ...