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    Detection of Orcinol-O-methyl transferase enzyme encoding gene in East Asian rose Rosa multiflora 

    Viyada Kunathigan (2014)

    3,5-dimethoxytoluene (DMT) is a key component of “tea scent” in Chinese rose (Rosa chinesis) and a hybrid of Chinese rose (Rosa X hybrida). DMT biosynthesis is catalysed by enzymes Orcinol O-methyltransferase (OOMT) 1 and 2 (Rosa chinesis and Rosa X hybrida) and OOMT like (Rosa chinesis Xing-xing-hei). The East Asian rose Rosa multiflora may also contain OOMT gene. The presence of OOMT gene in this rose could be a potential useful resource for Asian fragrance industry. This project aimed to detect the OOMT encoding gene in this rose variety. Rosa ...