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    Communication satisfaction, employee engagement, job satisfaction, and job performance in higher education institutions 

    Pongpipat Pongton; Sid Suntrayuth (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2019)

    This quantitative study investigates the relationships and impacts of communication satisfaction, employee engagement, job satisfaction, and job performance in higher education institutions in Thailand. Survey data were collected from 400 faculty members and staff who work in public and private universities in Thailand. The results from simple and multiple regression analyses show that communication satisfaction has a positive impact on job satisfaction and employee engagement; job satisfaction has a positive impact on employee engagement ...
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    Hybrid Technique and Competence Preserving Case Deletion Methods for Case Maintenance in Case-Based Reasoning 

    Lawanna, A.; Daengdej, J. (2010)

    Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) is one of machine learning algorithms for problem solving and learning that caught a lot of attention over the last few years. In general, CBR is composed of four main phases: retrieve the most similar case or cases, reuse the case to solve the problem, revise or adapt the proposed solution, and retain the learned cases before returning them to the case base for learning purpose. Unfortunately, in many cases, this retain process causes the uncontrolled case base growth. The problem affects competence and performance of ...
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    Improving quality and agent's performance in Bangkok call centres 

    Aruna Chawla; Srobol Smutkupt (Assumption University Press, 2019)

    Quality in the call center industry is one of the major objectives difficult to achieve when considering call center agents, with their need to find a balance between the number of calls received, average handling time of calls, or post wrap-up time in each call. The focal firm, AURSA Company, realizes the importance of helping agents to develop and deliver the right kind of quality to customers on call. From data analysis, the researcher found that the company’s call center agents’ performance ...
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    Quality Assurance Training: Culture or Calamity 

    Shawyun, Teay; Sabico, Shaun Louie (2012-11)

    Pandemics of quality normally call for building a quality culture that ensures quality to be successful. Buildingquality culture, though a key factor of successful quality practices, should be an inherent predisposition of academics, rather than acquired quality culture through training. A key research question is whether training isrelated to a culture that pertains to quality and performance . This paper studies the assessors‘ training in quality assessment, perceived improvements in two main dimensions of knowledge, use of quality system, ...
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    Raising awareness of career goals of insurance agents: a case study of Choomthong 24K26, AIA Company 

    Panita Lasim; Fernando, Maria Socorro C. L.; Nathaya Pupat (2016)

    This article is a summary of key study done on a group of AIA insurance agents (Choomthong 24K26). It focused on raising awareness of career goals of insurance agents. The study was based on three main factors; performance, excellence and self-development. The respondents of this study were 33 AIA agents who were selected according to their overall performance. Two main methods were used to collect data: interview and questionnaire. Data gathered through questionnaires were collected twice during the study period, firstly before ODI and ...
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    Strength-Based Operations as Organization Development Intervention (SBO-ODI) on Enhancing Teacher Commitment, Engagement, and Performance: a case study of Assumption College Ubon Ratchathani (ACU) 

    Prawat Sutthinont; Kitikorn Dowpiset (2015)

    In the 21th century, four aspects in the era of globalization: complexity, change, competition, and connectivity, has impacted people's livings. To remain competitive the organization needs to design working environments with strong continuous-learning process to enhance commitment and engagement of the employees for better performance. Strength-Based Operation as Organization Development Intervention (SBO-ODI) was designed as a strategic intervention to support the working capabilities of the teaching and supporting staff at Assumption College ...
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    The impact of team effectiveness on job performance : a case study of Baby Magic Company 

    Udom Chinwattanakulchai (Assumption University, 2004)
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    Toward High Performance Organization using Path-Goal Theory and Transformation Theories: A case Study of St.Louis School Chachoengsao 

    Achin Tengtrakul; Fernando, Maria Socorro CL. (2016)

    In this study, the main objectives were : to assess the current levels of leadership skills of the leadership team, staff engagement, and the performance effectiveness of the staff ; to design Organization Development Interventions (ODI) that will enhance the leadership skills, staff engagement and the performance effectiveness; to implement ODI and to evaluate the initial effects of ODI on the levels of leadership skills staff engagement and the performance effectiveness; and to propose a Roadmap that will sustain the initial positive effects ...
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    Value at risk performance in cryptocurrencies 

    Danai Likitratcharoen; Teerasak Na Ranong; Ratikorn Chuengsuksomboon; Norrasate Sritanee; Ariyapong Pansriwong (Assumption University Press, 2018)

    Due to conclusion could not rely on only one test, in this study, we apply various approaches to verify the actuary of VaR model to find out whether VaR model, especially historical VaR and delta normal VaR model, can provide the accura te risk measurement results for cryptocurrencies risk , especially CRIX, BTC, ETH and XRP . We use Kupiec’s POF test, Independence Test - Christoffersen (1998) and Joint Test that widely use for backtesting VaR model. Performance test results for risk measurem ent by ...