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    False Test Case Selection: Improvement of Regression Testing Approach 

    Benjawan Srisura; Adtha Lawanna (2016)

    Regression testing has been considered as a time-consumed process in software testing. In a recent year, one of interesting research work initiated for minimizing testing time is finding a technique in selecting test cases from a large test suit. Most of test cases selection technique in literature considers test cases that are related to the requirement's changed. During executing test cases that are related to the modified part, a set of fail test case is accidentally emerged and make test suit has become larger. Therefore, this paper proposes ...
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    Filtering Test Case Selection for Increasing the Performance of Regression Testing 

    Adtha Lawanna (2016)

    Under the concept of using software testing, the problems are preparing the smallest size of the selected test cases, fixing bugs, predicting the estimated testing time and numbers of the tester. The traditional methods are developed to solve these issues. Unfortunately, they cannot be applied for all reasons. Therefore, the filtering test case selection model is proposed to solve these problems and to increase the efficiency of the regression testing. It prepares the methods of filtering, classifying, and selecting the appropriate test cases. ...