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    Bridging the cultural gap: re-shaping education by integrating multiculturalism in teaching and learning 

    Deocampo, Marilyn F. (Assumption University Press, 2014)

    In a world in which interracial conflicts and tensions seem to have become an inevitable phenomenon of daily life, one of the effective ways to teach respect for diversity is through education. Although people in society are more knowledgeable about the nature of global acceptance, the idea of equal-status situation and mutual expectations, racial discrimination proliferates. The multidimensional effects of Computer Information Technology (CIT) can have a direct effect on the role of anonymity that challenges the government and reflects issues ...
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    Destination Competitiveness Amazing Bangkok versus Lion City Singapore 

    Adarsh Batra (Enlightening Tourism. A Pathmaking Journal, Vol 7, No 2 (2017), pp.154-178, 2017-12-01)

    Achieving a bigger share of international tourist arrivals has led to growing intense competition between destinations. A comparison of tourism competitiveness between two popular tourist destinations, Bangkok and Singapore could be of interest to tourism planners, practitioners and researchers. This study aims to investigate and compare the competitiveness of Bangkok and Singapore as tourist destinations by examining tourism standing, contemporary tourism marketing strategies and their available features and benefits for arriving tourists. ...
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    The Long Run Relationship between the Value of Chinese Yuan and Stock Market Return in Five Countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations From 2005-2013 

    Tian Wang; Witsaroot Pariyaprasert (2015)

    The research analyzes the long run relationship between the value of Chinese Yuan and stock market return in five countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand) from 2005-2013 by using daily data. The conditional work measured by Granger causality model. The value of Chinese Yuan under five selected countries were used as dependent variables. While the stock market index and trading volume of stock market were used as independent variables. The results show ...
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    The use of English as a lingua franca in translation 

    Foley, J. A.; Deocampo, M. F. (2016)

    In translation, not only two languages but two cultures come into contact which means that translators must consider who wrote the text, when, why, for whom and who is now reading it and for what purpose. In the wake of rapid technological advances and the need to spread information quickly and efficiently, translation has grown in importance in the globalized world. So has its reliance on English in its role as a global lingua franca. English is often being used for ‘interculturalizing’ native languages but it is also true that ...