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    Nunthita Prongsirikul (Digital Production Press, Assumption University, 2017)

    BTS Skytrain was known as a rapid transit system in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. There is an advertising establish in the Skytrain and in the station’s area. With an expansion and development of the BTS Skytrain for the highest used, most of the areas belong to BTS were used for advertisement purpose as there is people using BTS Skytrain more than 500,000 people per day. It can guarantee that the advertising shown in BTS Skytrain area will attract large amount of people. This study investigated that among three types of transit ...
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    A Study of Factors Affecting Rabbit Card Usage in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Phonsaran Summaviriya; Sirion Chaipoopirutana (2016-06)

    The purpose of this study was to identify influencing factors toward Rabbit card usage. In this research, the dependent variable is Rabbit card usage, while independent variables consisted of compulsive purchase tendency, perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived credibility, the amount of information on Rabbit card, and demographic factors. The researchers developed five hypotheses for this study. The data were collected through a questionnaire survey of 400 respondents in two selected BTS stations in Bangkok, namely Siam ...