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    An Empirical Study about the Role of Personality Traits in Information Technology Adoption 

    Tipa Sriyabhand; John, Surej P. (2014)

    This paper investigates the relationship between personality traits and their Information Technology (IT) adoption. The study used the Five Factor Model (FFM) to assess the personality of individual users who adopt social networking technologies using their mobile devices. This research is conducted among 320 social networking users in Thailand. Based on the theoretical background of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and FFM, a conceptual model is developed and empirically tested. The study found that extraversion, agreeableness are ...
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    Personality traits and demographic profile predicting social networking site usage in Thailand 

    Vikanda Pornsakulvanich; Nuchada Dumrongsiri (2012)

    The present study examined the influence of the Big Five personality traits (i.e., Emotional Stability, Extraversion, Openness to Experience, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness) on the amount of social networking sites (SNSs) usage, and the differences in time spent on SNSs among people who were in different age and gender groups in Thailand. This study employed a cross-sectional design using the purposive sampling to collect the data. Participants (N = 397) who have used social networking websites: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were participated. ...