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    Conspicuous Consumption of the Elite: Social and Self-Congruity in Tourism Choices 

    Correia, Antonia; Kozak, Metin; Reis, Helena (2016)

    This paper relies on social and economic psychology to explore how the travel choices of Portuguese citizens, with different status levels in their daily lives, perceive and adopt different conspicuous travel patterns because of public exposure. To account for the moderated role of public exposure on conspicuous travel patterns, 36 Portuguese citizens were interviewed. Q-methods were applied to explore the varying senses of conspicuous travel choices among citizens with different levels of public exposure, both individually and relative ...
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    An examination of the relationships between self-perceptions, conspicuous consumption, and saving behavior 

    Charnsid Leelakasemsant; Chanon Toliang; Pattana Boonchoo (Assumption University Press, 2018-12)

    This paper seeks to examine (1) the effects of social status and the three major components of self-esteem, performance, appearance, and social self-esteem, on conspicuous consumption and (2) the impact of conspicuous consumption on saving behavior. The relationships substantiated in this study are based mainly on the perception-behavior linkage within the social psychology domain. The data used to analyze the proposed relationships in this study were collected through an on-line survey, with a final sample size of 268 consumers. The findings ...