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    Nophawan Kritsavong (Digital Production Press, Assumption University, 2017)

    Since Technology is driving changes in everyone life around the globe, It affects most of the aspects of our daily life. Health is one of the important things that everyone concern and cannot avoid being involved with. The initiative idea of the thesis is to find out the possibility that technology can bring and offer to Thailand health care system in both public and private sectors. The development of technology in Thailand’s Health Care depends on various factors such as ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) infrastructure, ...
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    The B2C e-commerce index of Thailand- A paradox of online penetration 

    Varughese Kizhakkacharuvil John (Social Science Research Network, 2018-10-28)

    The present study is an investigation into the penetration of business-to-consumer ecommerce in Thailand. The study has been conducted by a field survey among the consumers by questionnaire method and collected samples from regular online and regular offline shoppers in the country. The total sample size was 1535 units collected from the north, northeastern, central and southern regions of the country. The findings of the study revealed that penetration of online shopping is 15 percent with an estimated range of 13 to 17 percent for the ...
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    Bank Stock Return Sensitivity to Interest Rate Changes in Thailand 

    Sirikarn Jeanchutima; Nopphon Tangjitprom (2015-01)

    Many studies were trying to explain the changes of stock returns by finding the factors impact on a certain market, industry, or stock. Focusing on the financial institution especially commercial bank, there are some research proved that interest rate is one of the crucial factor impact the commercial bank stock returns. Interest rate is the cost and return of money in financial market since commercial bank acts as major financial intermediary; therefore, interest rate is still the majority of its cost and return. In Thai stock market shows ...
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    Bridging the gap between tourism education, tourism industry and graduate employability: intricacies and emerging issues in Thailand 

    Batra, Adarsh (Assumption University Press, 2016)

    The university education system in ASEAN will be affected by the new market conditions. The path to success for Thai educational institutions is to engage the market with a frontal assault by anticipating market demands and preparing themselves to meet that demand. Hospitality and Tourism in an interdisciplinary field requiring different employability competency that has yet to gain attention by tourism and hospitality educators in the academia. If the travel and tourism industry in Thailand hopes to sustain itself, it will need personnel who ...
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    Celebrating 150 years Wat Rat Pradit Sathit Maha Sima Ram 

    On-La-Or Homsettee (Assumption University Press, 2015)

    Event design for the 150th anniversary celebration of Wat Rat Pradit Sathit Maha Sima Ram.
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    A comparative study of student academic achievement and satisfaction in grade 4 science under traditional instruction and cooperative learning instruction methods at Sarssas Witaed Bangbon School, Thailand 

    Zuber, Pierre; Lynch, Richard (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    The National Education Act of B.E. 2542 (1999) as well as the Basic Education Core Curriculum of 2008 emphasize the importance of both the acquisition of the English language in present Thai society, as well as the development of 21st century skills for all Thai children. Furthermore, the Thai Ministry of Education supports and encourages cooperative learning as a way to create appealing, motivating, and meaningful learning. Unfortunately, this vision is often not shared by schools in Thailand, which prefer a more traditional instructional method. ...
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    Suwattana Eamoraphan; Yan, Ye; Arunya Tuicomepee; Doldao Purananon (Assumption University, 2014)

    This study mainly aimed to identify and compare the Psychology graduate students’ learning difficulties and satisfaction from three different types of university in Thailand, including Assumption University, Chulalongkorn University and Burapha University. All 99 students who currently study in Psychology graduate program of three universities during 2013-2014 were used as the sample for this study. The study used descriptive statistics, including frequency, percentage, means, standard divisions, and one way ANOVA to deal with ...
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    Determinant Factors of Turnover Intention: A case study of Air Conditioning Company in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti; Phattarapon Ounprechavanit; Thongdee Kijboonchoo (2012-12)

    This study aims to help a Thai air conditioning company to understand the turnover intention of employees based on their perception towards the company. Turnover intention revealed the likelihood of leaving the current job by an employee. If turnover rate of skilled professionals was high, the organization might lose the human capital, such as skill, knowledge, and trained human resources to his competitors. Thus, turnover of these individuals incurred both replacement costs and a competitive loss. This research studied factors influencing ...
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    Determinant of revisit Intention of the Bangkokian Millennials: a case study of MK restaurant 

    Yuanjie, Du; Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti (2018)

    This research aimed on how determinants factors (Service quality, Food quality, and Brand image) impacted upon revisit intention of MK restaurant (formerly known as MK Suki), one of the Thailand’s suki chains. This study used explanatory and exploratory mixed methods research designed by Creswell (2011). Firstly, this study has developed specific operational components based on pilot study and two theories that comprise SERVQUAL and theory of were planned behavior (abbreviated TPB), There were two rounds of pilot study prior to complete the ...
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    Developing Thai learners' CIC through translanguaging in one-on-one English tutorial sessions 

    Tassanee Kampittayakul (Assumption University Press, 2017)

    This article presents a conceptual paper, which proposes a concept of employing translanguaging as a pedagogical tool to promote the learners’ CIC – Classroom Interactional Competence, which lies at the heart of learning. The aim of the concept is to bridge two practices of monolingualism between Thai teachers who teach English through Thai only and native speakers who use English only. Translanguaging reflects reality in terms of using both languages to interact to improve the interactional competence of the learners. When both the teachers and ...
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    Duangta Duangekanong; Somsit Duangekanong; John, Varughese K.; Asawin Wichayachakorn; Nithiphong Vikitset (Digital Production Press, Assumption University, 2017)

    The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of paternalistic leadership dimensions (authoritarian, benevolent, and moral) on employee outcomes in small Thai firms. Outcomes examined include two intermediate outcomes (organizational commitment and job satisfaction) and one further outcome, resulting from organizational commitment and job satisfaction, which was self-reported in-role job performance. Paternalistic leadership was studied because of its cultural consonance in Thailand and its status as a frequently observed leadership ...
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    E-business : Growth and Trends in Thailand 

    John, Varughese Kizhakkacharuvil; Nithiphong Vikitset; Duangta Duangekanog; Asawin Wichayachakorn (AU-eJIR, 2017)

    The era of e-business has changed the old economic relationship among producers, traders and consumers and the new economic relationship is called extended or integrated relationship. In this context this article has made an enquiry about the growth of e-business in Thailand. The change in technologies has a great impact on the old business models especially in the areas of strategies and customer engagement of business. The platform for changes in e-business is the internet, social media and mobile technology. Majority of the people in Thailand ...
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    John, Varughese K.; Nithiphong Vikitset; Duangta Duangekanog; Asawin Wichayachakorn (Digital Production Press, Assumption University, 2017)

    The era of e-business has changed the old economic relationship among producers, traders and consumers and the new economic relationship is called extended or integrated relationship. In this context this article has made an enquiry about the growth of e-business in Thailand. The change in technologies has a great impact on the old business models especially in the areas of strategies and customer engagement of business. The platform for changes in e-business is the internet, social media and mobile technology. Majority of the people ...
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    E-learning as Strategy for Philanthropic Organization Focused on Educational Purposes in Thailand 

    Bernard, Gilles (2014)

    The objectives of this study were: (1) To elaborate an eLearning framework integrated into donor’s activities which can fit with philanthropic organization strategies (2) To assess the eLearning framework upon feedback and suggestions provided by donors, recipients, philanthropic organizations, and philanthropic experts (3) To assess opinions of donors and philanthropic organizations running in Thailand toward the framework. The population for the study consisted of 3 schools in the North East of Thailand, ...
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    English for oral transactional communication: a case study of financial office personnel 

    Kanog-On Pradaphon (Assumption University Press, 2016)

    Since the 20th century, English had spread through many countries used as an international language which is frequently used for a wide range purpose in public and personal needs. This case study aimed to identify the use of language(s) for communication between staff and student and to assess possible solutions to help staff improve their English communication skills as the use of English for oral transactional communication, a case study of financial office personnel. The conversation transcriptions were collected as the data for analyzing; ...
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    Factors Influencing the Intention to Use Mobile Banking Services in Bangkok 

    Panjaporn Chansaenroj; Rapeepat Techakittiroj (2015-08)

    Nowadays, Mobile Banking can help the customer to manage their account anytime and anywhere on their devices or mobile phone, the customer can simply log into the mobile banking service in each bank.This research aims to identify the factors which affect the consumer to use the mobile banking services which bank can use this information to improve their system and services efficiently. The finding shows that the perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, the perceived cost and perceived risk were affected with the intention to use mobile banking.