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    An Application of the Instructional Leadership Model at Schools in the Kachin Area of Myanmar 

    Seng, Khun; Nathara Mhunpiew (David Publishing Company, 2014)

    The model is created to develop instructional leadership with the purpose of promoting the quality of teaching and learning and students’ achievement at schools in the Kachin area of Myanmar. Therefore, a development of an instructional leadership model will be applied to prepare the Kachin students for the 21st century. Thus, five projects, namely: (a) motivation for teachers and students; (b) managing teaching and learning; (c) developing collaborative culture; (d) relationship with other countries and inside the country; and (e) professional ...
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    Health Behaviors, Health workplace and Happy Life among Healthcare Providers in the 21st Century 

    Siriporn Phutharangsi; Chavalee Boonto; Saisamorn Chaleoykitti; Nutcharat Mangklakeeree; Hathairat Kaoaium (2015)

    Health problems in the 21st century is related to the modern lifestyles and new technology that cause people, particularly health care providers to have sedentary lifestyles which leads them to have health problems, non-communicable disease. This challenges healthcare providers to be the good role model to others by performing healthy lifestyles; having healthy eating habit, doing exercise, taking enough rest, reducing stress, and living and working in the good environment.