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    Learning styles and attitude towards e-learning among university undergraduate students in international programs in Bangkok Thailand 

    Faderogaya, Shannel Lee; Natalie Chantagul (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2019)

    The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between learning style in terms of instructional preference, social interaction, information processing and personality in e-learning in terms of visual, auditory and tactile; and attitude towards e-learning among undergraduate students in international program in Bangkok Thailand. A total of 300 respondents participated in a demographic questionnaire survey using the Learning Style Scale, Learning Style Inventory-Likert and E-learning Acceptance Scale for data collection. Regression ...
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    Foley, Joseph (2012)

    This study investigated the language choices in the writing of freshmen students at an English medium university in Thailand in response to visual stimuli. The study involved identifying the genres and the lexico-grammatical features associated with such genres. 600 samples of writing were collected but only 72 were randomly selected from 12 students in order to compare their progress over a period of 14 weeks (one semester). The framework for the analysis of the students writing was based on a detailed approach to these texts as semantic ...