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    An Adaptive Learning Algorithm for Supervised Neural Network with Contour Preserving Classification 

    Piyabute Fuangkhon; Thitipong Tanprasert (2009-11)

    A study of noise tolerance characteristics of an adaptive learning algorithm for supervised neural network is presented in this paper. The algorithm allows the existing knowledge to age out in slow rate as a supervised neural network is gradually retrained with consecutive sets of new samples, resembling the change of application locality under a consistent environment. The algorithm utilizes the contour preserving classification algorithm to pre-process the training data to improve the classification and the noise tolerance. The experimental ...
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    AIDE-adaptive instructional design model for E-learning 

    Thotsapon Sortrakul; Nida Denphaisarn (2009-11)

    Today, the new teaching and learning environment are changing because of an active usage of information technology. However, no matter how much technology becomes the essential element in learning, instructional designer has to consider the most appropriate methods to support an effective learning. The primary goal of instructional design is to guarantee the quality of online learning services by using technology-based instruction. In other words, the instructional design should be able to promote, facilitate, inspire deep learning and promote ...
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    An Alternative Technique using Median Filter for Image Reconstruction based on Partition Weighted Sum Filter 

    Vorapoj Patanavijit (2016-06)

    In this paper, we propose an alternative technique for image reconstruction which it is combined existing methods for better performance in spatial domain using the median (MED) filter based on partition weighted sum (PWS) filter. Four noise models are considered including additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN), poission noise (PN), salt and pepper noise (SPN) and speckle noise (SN) under different image types such as aerial image, face image, scenic image, and text image. The simulation results show that the median based partition weighted ...
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    The Antecedents and Consequences of Customer Engagement: An Exploratory Study on Mobile Network Business in Thailand 

    Theingi; Suchira Phoorithewet; Wang, Yunmei; Sikankaew Panthongprasert (2016)

    This study explores the antecedents and consequences of customer engagement behavior in the Thai mobile network business. A qualitative research using 15 interviews was conducted to identify the service quality dimensions, customer engagement behaviors and customer loyalty. The respondents’ main concerns were related to technical and functional service quality and their engagement behavior were addressed mostly in offline mode when they interacted with their family, friends and occasionally communicating to the mobile providers. It was found that ...
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    Applying logistic regression analysis: a study of the influential factors on consumers' purchasing decision toward mobile service provider in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Titida Nochai (2009-10)

    Logistic regression analysis is one of multivariate analysis where the outcome of dependent variable is categorical variable and the independents are quantitative variables, categorical variables, or both. The objective of this study was to propose the application of logistic regression analysis in order to identify the influential factors on consumers' purchasing decision among top three mobile service providers in Thailand: Advanced Info Service Public Col, Ltd (AIS), Total Access communication Public Col, Ltd (DTAC), and True Corporation ...
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    Applying six sigma for quality assessment in a eLearning courseware production process 

    Nagi, Kuldeep (2010-05)

    Six Sigma method claims that focusing on reduction of variation will lead to reduction in defects in a business product. Its prestige and value is well known within the manufacturing industry. However, it is seldom applied to educational products such as courseware produced and used in higher education. It is beginning to be recognized as key process for quality assessment in eLearning and eTraining sectors in ASEAN. A consistent high quality in an eLearning or eTraining product can be achieved by applying Six Sigma in the courseware production ...
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    Attitudes toward Student-Customer Concept: Educational Level, Institution Status and Interdisciplinary Studies 

    Boonlert Watjatrakul (2010-04)

    The study explores student attitudes toward treating students as customers in fundamental and higher educations based on three units of analysis−educational levels (undergrad vs. graduate), institution status (public vs. private), and interdisciplinary (technology, engineering, and business). It also examines students’ opinions toward using the student-customer concept in higher education. Quantitative and qualitative data were analyzed to answer the research questions. The quantitative analysis results indicate that, in overall, students disagree ...
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    Attitudes toward Using Communication Technologies in Education: A Comparative Study of Email and SMS 

    Boonlert Watjatrakul (2009-12)

    Educational institutions deploy email and short message service (SMS) to maintain efficient communication with their students. This research examines factors influencing students' attitudes toward using SMS and email, and compares the differences in the proposed factors between email and SMS. The results show that information richness and mobility affect students' perceived utility of email and SMS while information privacy and perceived utility affect the students' attitudes toward using email and SMS. Social pressure has found no impact on ...
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    AU ball on Plate Balancing Robot 

    Ali, Ehsan; Narong Aphiratsakun (2015)

    The ball on plate system is the extension of traditional ball on beam balancing problem in control theory. In this paper the implementation of a proportional-integral- derivative controller (PID controller) to balance a ball on a plate has been demonstrated. To increase the system response time and accuracy multiple controllers are piped through a simple custom serial protocol to boost the processing power, and overall performance. A single HD camera module is used as a sensor to detect the ball’s position and two RC servo motors are ...
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    Awareness of sanctions and responsible behavior of foreign tourists to Cambodia 

    Pheng, Vimean; Batra, Adarsh (2009-11)

    Responsible tourist behavior is a major step in minimizing negative socio-cultural impacts, as well as facilitating more enjoyable tourist and host experience. Within the responsible tourism debate, the tourist is often overlooked, and sometimes represented as abandoning all sense of responsibility while on holiday. This research illustrates on the awareness of sanctions and responsible behavior of foreign tourists to Cambodia. A sample survey method was used, with a structured questionnaire as the research instrument, in Phnom Penh and Siem ...
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    Bidirectional Confidential with Bilateral Filter on Local Based Optical Flow for Image Reconstruction under Noisy Condition 

    Darun Kesrarat; Vorapoj Patanavijit (2015)

    More than a decade, Optical flow is relevant in many areas such as video coding and compression, robot vision, object tracking and segmentation, and super resolution reconstruction. By the result of the motion vector from optical flow, reduction the error stands a problem especially under noisy condition. Many models have been proposed to reduce the error and bilateral is one of the popular models. This paper introduces the model of bilateral filter in combination with bidirectional confidential over simple local based optical flow where ...
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    The Buddha's Dialogue as the Origin (Causes) and Destiny (Conditions) of the Buddhist Culture: A Hermeneutical Approach 

    Unknown author (The colloquium on the theme: "Origins and destinies of Cultures", co-organized by Graduate Programs of Philosophy and Religion, Assumption University, and FABC, during 4-5 June, 2013 at ABAC, Suwannabhumi Campus. Thailand, 2013-06-04)

    Abstract Different religious leaders are trying to establish a sort of belief in their different minds that their own religion and culture are the best among all. Other existing religious communities and culture are a danger for their own existence. To deal with the afore-mentioned issue, the Buddhist hermeneutic text known as ‘The Guide’ (Nettipakarana), consisting of different types of the Buddha’s teachings, shows that the Buddha’s discourses recorded in the Tipitaka, which were formulated in the light of ‘dialogue’ between the Buddha and ...
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    Capacity and Fairness Analysis of Game Theoretic Power Controlled Wireless Access Network 

    Katan Vattanaviboon; Patrachart Komolkiti; Chaodit Aswakul (2013)

    In wireless networks, transmission power has adverse effects. With low transmission power, the received signal may be eclipsed by the noise and interference from other transmitters, resulting in low SINR. On the other hand, with high transmission power, the interference seen at other receivers could be too large, also resulting in low SINR. This paper aims to address this problem by using the game theory. Particularly, the scenario of wireless access network with two transmitters, each with two intended receivers, is considered. Selection of ...
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    Clustering Analysis on Alumni Data Using Abandoned and Reborn Particle Swarm Optimization 

    Paulus Mudjihartono; Thitipong Tanprasert; Rachsuda Jiamthapthaksin (2016-02)

    Alumni data is one of the most important data that university management uses for developing the learning process decisions. This paper applies the idea of Abandoned and Reborn PSO (AR-PSO) to convert a clustering problem into the optimization form with an objective function to minimize the ugliness of the desired clusters. This algorithm of Clustering using AR-PSO (CAR-PSO) is slightly adapted to the cluster problem domain. The generated clusters need to be examined to decide if they are acceptable. There are three evaluations; the closeness, ...
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    Clustering approach to examination scheduling 

    To, Tang Van; Win, Soe San (2010-05)

    The difficulty in examination scheduling is to draw an examination timetable by taking a number of different constraints into account. This paper attempts to optimize two major constraints-to minimize the examination time conflicts and the number of consecutive examinations for a student in a day. Clustering method is applied by analyzing exam enrollments and then groups students into clusters so that students within a cluster are having more similar subject combination to each others than those in another clusters. The purpose of clustering ...
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    Co-existance between AC-distribution and DC-distribution: in the view of appliances 

    Kittiphan Techakittiroj; Virach Wongpaibool (2009)

    This work demonstrates the possibility of using the available-in-market appliances in a DC-distribution system. This demonstration also represents an alternative migration from AC-distribution to DC-distribution. DC-distribution has been shown to be more efficient and provided good power quality in a distribution system. The power supply technology in the modern appliances makes the possibility of an appliance to be used in either both AC-distribution and DC-distribution without any modification. Appliances are tested by using an AC-source ...
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    A comparative study of prospective natural gas for vehicle (NGV) buyers' behavior intention in Thailand 

    Sirion Chaipoopirutana; Nongnuch Likitsuwannakool; Combs, Howard (American Society of business and Behavioral Sciences, 2010-02)

    Global warming and the economic consequences of the global dependence on increasingly expensive gasoline have become the most serious and appalling world problems of today. Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV), currently in successful use in Thailand, have the potential to solve this problem in a relatively pollution-free manner. The question is how to get more consumers to adopt this new form of energy? This study examined how NGV's can increase in popularity and obtain more consumer adoption in Thailand. A survey of 500 potential consumers from various ...
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    A comparative study on the importance of customer orientation of frontline employees in the service industry 

    Papali, Andre Solomon; Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti (2019)

    This research aims at finding a measurement system for companies to successfully measure their customer orientation. The research methodology adopted here would help companies to completely measure their customer’s outlook and to successfully integrate necessary changes to their internal structure.