AU GSB: Vol. 12, No. 2 (December 2019)

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    Impacts on adaptation intention towards using accounting software in terms of technology advancement at work in Myanmar
    (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2019) Phyu, Khine Khin ; Rawin Vongurai
    This study aims to analyse the impacts that are influencing on individual’s adoption intention towards using accounting software by discovering the impacts on user’s adoption intention towards accounting software, providing the proofs that environment, cost and familiarity can lead user’s adoption intention in order to help in expanding the market share of local technology company. The required data for this research has been distributed as online questionnaires to the 500 qualified respondents around Yangon Region and collected to be examined. The collected data was analysed by Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). The findings from the research explained about the important factors that the organization need to consider when developing and promoting for the accounting software.
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    Comparison of factors influencing Chinese people in Bangkok intention to use two online payment applications in Thailand
    (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2019) Lao, Mingyan ; Nathaya Pupat
    Thailand is the biggest travel destination for Chinese people, and more and more Chinese people come to Thailand to invest, travel, study and live. In addition to this, the trend for online payment application is more and more popular. Therefore, the main objective for this study was to find out and determined the factors influencing Chinese people in Bangkok intention to use Alipay and K-PLUS online payment application in Thailand. The factors that we studied were ease of use, convenience, system quality and usefulness. The survey method is applied questionnaire to collect data from a total of 385 respondents who had used both Alipay and K-PLUS online payment application in Thailand. The researcher applied both descriptive and inferential analysis to analyze the general information and test hypotheses. As the results, the researcher found out that ease of use, convenience, system quality and usefulness all has a significant positive influence on intention to use Alipay and K-PLUS online payment application.
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    Keep it simple: a relentless business strategy in a world of complexity the XYZ corporate story in brief
    (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2019) Barnes, John
    The objective of this study is to demonstrate how XYZ Corporation has perfected the art of achieving simplicity in its business strategy within a complex business world in order to achieve market dominance in their field of carbonated cola-based beverages. This study achieves that aim by reviewing a selection of company historical records available in the public domain and a critical study by Elmore (2015) which identifies, that contrary to popular belief, XYZ Corporation only makes one core product i.e. XYZ concentrate and even the components of that concentrate come from other sources. The corporation blends the components of the concentrate at a small number of regional concentrate sites and then distributes the concentrate globally; to bottlers who provide the water; the sweeteners, the gas (or fizz) ; the bottling/canning, warehousing; distribution and promotional components for the finished product. The company has a long history and research by outsiders is discouraged, so some citations and associated references are dated.
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    The factors influencing on purchase intention of Thai and Chinese Customers towards the hotel industry in Bangkok, Thailand
    (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2019) Jidapa Tweephoncharoen ; Rawin Vongurai
    This study aimed to examine the factors influencing on purchase intention of Thai and Chinese customers towards the hotel industry in Bangkok, Thailand. This research adopted descriptive research method which aimed to describe the target population and variables. The researcher applied nonprobability sampling as a sampling technique and collected the data through questionnaires with 400 respondents. The questionnaire were implemented in English language collected from tourist who stay at hotel in the top three rankings of hotel area in Bangkok (Pathum Wan district, Phra Nakhon district and Watthana district). A statistical software was used to test the data. Variables are measured by a fivepoint Likert scale. The first two hypothesis were tested by Multiple Linear Regression and other two hypothesis were tested by Independent sample t-test. Summary of the results, the findings of the conceptual model revealed that eWOM affected loyalty and purchase intention as shown in the results of hypothesis one and two.
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    Beyond Disruptive elearning: holistic health integrated learning concept
    (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2019) Khanawath Teranitiwath ; Poonsri Vate-U-Lan
    The main objective of this study was aimed to propose an Integrated Learning Concept (ILC) for holistic healthcare. The ILC was developed to alleviate the crisis from the fact that people around the world, including Thailand, can now access a substantial amount of health care knowledge from various online sources, however, the percentage of ailment and premature death from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is still high. With a literature review, the researcher’s direct experience as a pharmacist in Thai traditional medicine as well as an in-depth expert interview, ILC was designed to provide learners self-medicated healthcare knowledge and inspire learners to change the everyday choice they made to enhance their state of wellness. ILC was beyond disruptive eLearning. It was a blended learning approach that integrated online learning (a combination between traditional eLearning and online social learning) and traditional classroom with standard health check and Dhatu check. ILC was designed to disrupt the idea that traditional eLearning is the approach that best fits with all dimension of learning. ILC was developed to overcome the shortcomings of eLearning and to enable people to have better comprehension in holistic healthcare. And once the development was finished, ILC shall be tested by comparing with a traditional eLearning class.