AU Journal of Management: Vol. 6, No. 2 (2008)

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    An enhanced renewable energy utilization (EREU) model for electricity generation in Thailand
    The main pu1pose of this research was to investigate the relationship between the respondents ' perception of media credibility factors (content, trustworthiness and expettise) and purchasing inten- tion toward the Bangkok Post newspaper. In addition, the study also examined the differences in re- spondents ' demographic variables (age, gender, income, education and nationality) and their purchase intention toward the Bangkok Post newspaper. The data was collected by using self-administered ques- tionnaires. which were distributed to 3 groups; students, professionals, and general public at selected venues in Bangkok. The researcher found significant relationships between all media credibil- ity factors and respondents'purchase intention. Based on the findings, all sub-variables of the media credibility showed strongpositive relationships. Following the hypothesis testing of demographic char- acteristics, there was a difference in age, gender, education level and monthly income with respondents ' purchase intention. Nationality, however, was the only demographic factot to show no such difference.
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    The comparison of pricing performances between cost of carry model and imperfect market model
    Choosing the right pricing approach is the key to deriving the true derivatives prices. This paper aims to compare the pricing performance of the cost of carry model and the imperfect market model in pricing the SET 50 index futures prices. This study replicates the study of Wang (2007) that compares the futures pricing performances of the cost of carry model and the imperfect market model in the Stock Exchanges of Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan. By using the mean percent- age errors and the mean absolute percentage errors as criteria in measuring the pricing perfor- mances of two models, the empirical results indicate that the highly impeifect financial market like SET 50 index futures market is relatively mispriced based on the model of perfect market assump- tion, suggesting that the suitable approach in pricing the SET 50 index futures is the imperfect market model. Relying on the perfect market assumption evidences an enormous misprice especially when the calculation is based on the calendar days. Therefore practitioners should identify the ap- propriate pricing method before estimating the theoretical prices of stock index futures.
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    Determinants of intention to use websites : a case study of 3 leading sites in Thailand
    This study examined the determinants of the intention to use websites in Thailand. The websites investigated were the 3 leading websites in Thailand namely,, and This study also aimed to explore the relationship between information quality, system quality, service quality, playfulness, and intention to use the websites. The result of this study showed that there was a significant relationship between the determinants dimension of intention to use the websites and intention to use three websites. s determinants had stronger positive relationship with the intention to use than the other two websites 'determinants. The study concluded that all three websites should concentrate on a.II the determinants dimensions to improve their websites to increase consumers ' intention to use their website.
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    The relationship between personal-oriented values, attitude towards, and purchase intention of facial whitening products
    The main purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between personal-oriented values, attitude towards, and purchase intention of facial whitening products of Thai male consum- ers. This research utilized List of Values (LOV) to measure nine personal-oriented values. Sample survey technique was applied and a self administered questionnaire was established in order to collect data in Bangkok. The researcher found that six out of nine personal-oriented values had low positive relationships with attitude towards facial whitening products; however, attitude had a high positive relationship with purchase intention of facial whitening products.
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    Evaluating the performance of Thai equity funds
    The focus of this study is to evaluate the performance of selected 48 open-ended equity mutual fonds in Thailand during the year 2003 through 2007. Four performance measures are used, the Treynor measure, the Sharpe measure, the Jensen measure, and Treynor-Mazuy measure. The empirical results reveal limited ability of mutual fand managers in both selecting undervalued stocks and forecasting the market correctly. Based on the market timing techniques of'Jreynor-Mazuy model, only ten mutual funds present significant positive coefficients of market timing ability. Consistent with the Jensen s model, only fourteen mutual fands show a significant positive coefficient of stock selectivity ability.