International Research E-Journal on Business and Economics : Volume 5 Issue 1 2019

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    A study of factors influencing Thais’ intention to purchase clothing at “Camp” multi-brand store
    (Assumption University Press, 2019) Ployramean Phadungwatanachok ; Fernando, Marrisa
    This study aimed to determine factors influencing the intention of purchasing clothing at “CAMP” multi-brand store in Thailand. This study focused on Thai citizens who have never purchased fashion items at CAMP multi-brand store. The research included studies from previous research with five factors: Attitude, Product, Price, Place and Promotion on Thais’ intention to purchase clothing at “CAMP” multi-brand store. This study was a quantitative research with applying Cronbach’s Alpha, Descriptive and Inferential Statistics to determine the reliability of questionnaire analyze demographics information and test hypotheses. Convenience sampling and snowball sampling were employed in this study. A total of 424 questionnaires were returned and 400 questionnaires used in this analysis. The finding presented that there were all five variable that has a significant effect on Thais’ purchase intention which consisted of attitude, product, price, place and promotion.