ABAC ODI: Vol. 10, No. 1 (October 2022 - March 2023)

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    The relationship between cultural intelligence and teaching effectiveness of Chinese and foreign teachers
    (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2022) Wenpeng, Lyu ; Nathaya Pupat
    The purpose of this research was to understand the relationship between cultural intelligence and teaching effectiveness and conduct analysis to measure teaching effectiveness. This paper uses survey to collect data for applying statistical analysis techniques to analyse the cultural intelligence that influence the teaching effectiveness and promotion of Chinese and foreign teachers in Heilongjiang International University. The conceptual framework in this paper included Cultural Intelligence (CQ), Metacognitive Cultural Intelligence (MCQ1), Cognitive Cultural Intelligence (CCQ), Motivated Cultural Intelligence (MCQ2), and Action Cultural Intelligence (BCQ). Questionnaires were distributed to teachers of Heilongjiang International University totalling 200 (N=200). The reliability and validity of the questionnaire were conducted. Regression analysis was performed to test the causal relationship between the key variables and the rationality of hypothesis. The overall reliability coefficient of the scale is 0.946, which is greater than 0.8, and has good reliability as shown in table1. The findings show that the scales used to measure cultural intelligence reliable. From the results of Likert scale, metacognitive cultural intelligence has a higher score of 3.5525, and the teaching effectiveness has a relative high score of 3.326. It is clearly that the cultural intelligence has a positive relationship with teaching effectiveness. In the regression analysis, the R square value is 0.765, which indicates that the MCQ1, CCQ, MCQ2 and BCQ can explain 76.5% of the teaching effectiveness. So the teaching effectiveness can be enhanced through strengthening the cultural intelligence.
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    Factors affecting career value of college students in Heilongjian International University in China
    (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2022) Li, Lei ; Sming Chungviwatanant
    This study was conducted to explore the factors affecting the career values of college students First of all, the factors affecting career values were identified. In this study a quantitative survey questionnaire was utilized. A total of 200 respondents participated in the survey on college students' career values. Data was analyzed through multiple regression analysis. Results showed that group mentoring, individual mentoring and practical courses have a significant affect on the career values of college students.
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    The analysis of customer satisfaction of Chengdu ReadKing advertising decoration engineering co., Ltd.
    (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2022) Wang, Dong ; Somchai Tantasanee
    Customer satisfaction is one of the important factors affecting organizational performance. There are five dimensions to investigate customer satisfaction which are tangible, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy. Chengdu ReadKing Advertising Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was selected as an example to analyze the situation of the five dimensions of customer satisfaction. The purpose of the study is to analyze the customer satisfaction and evaluate the current situation of customer service in 2021. The sample size is randomly 100 customers from Chengdu ReadKing Advertising Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. A mixed research method combining quantitative and qualitative research was adopted. The descriptive analysis and Multiple Linear Regression were applied with the interview as the quantitative and the qualitative analyses. The result shows that assurance, responsiveness, and empathy are the significant variables which influenced the customer satisfaction. The strongest influence toward the satisfaction is assurance following by responsiveness and empathy respectively.
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    Key strategies to enhance job satisfaction and job performance: a case of teachers in Tianfu no. 4 middle school
    (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2022) Jian, Sun
    The focus of this research is on the motivational factors that influence job satisfaction, and design strategies to improve teachers’ job satisfaction and job performance based on the findings. This study uses a quantitative questionnaire research using a questionnaire survey on 138 teachers in Tianfu No. 4 Middle School. The analysis from multiple linear regression results shows that the three independent variables, namely compensation、work environment、and career development have significant influence on employee job satisfaction, and the findings from simple linear regression shows that employee job satisfaction has a significant influence on job performance. It is recommended that a detailed salary payment system be developed so that teachers can clearly understand the components of the salary. This study aimed to understand the actual needs of teachers and develop a clear teacher development training plan and implement it on a regular basis.
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    Strategies to improve graduate satisfaction and loyalty on art strategies workshops in secondary schools in Tianfu New Area, Chengdu, China
    (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2022) Dai, Kebin
    This study aims to determine the factors influencing graduate satisfaction and loyalty in Art Workshops in Secondary Schools in Tianfu, New Area, Chengdu and design strategies to improve graduate satisfaction and loyalty in Art Workshops in Secondary Schools. This research employs quantitative research, using the online structured questionnaire was used with 295 respondents who are alumni of the art workshops. The quantitative results of descriptive and inferential statistical analysis show that service innovation, service quality, and value significantly influencing graduate satisfaction and loyalty to art workshops in secondary schools. Based on the results of this study strategies to improve the quality of art workshops were recommended.