ABAC ODI: Vol. 5, Issue. 1 (January - June 2018)

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    The factors affecting healthy lifestyle and attitude towards organic foods: a case study of people living in Bangkok, Thailand
    Nowadays, people worldwide are more aware of agricultural residues in foods. Consumers start to find an alternative way in food purchase. Health and wellness are the new lifestyle status for Asian consumers who are more health-conscious and interested in organic foods. China and India are two of the fastest growing markets for organic foods. Thailand is known as food basket of Asia and kitchen of the world due to an abundance of natural resources, and has increasingly emphasized on organically grown foods. The Thai government has introduced regulations and standards for organic agriculture and food, and encouraged Thai farmers to do organic farming. This opens a market opportunity for organic foods that are free from chemicals. Knowing the consumers’ attitudes towards organic foods and factors affecting the attitudes are necessary for product development to meet the demands, increase customer satisfaction, and gain the market share in this sector. This study targeted people living in Bangkok who have experienced organic foods. There were 400 respondents of the survey. The result reveals that health consciousness, environmental concern, food safety concern, and subjective norm have positive impacts on the attitude towards organic foods. On the other hand, healthy lifestyle does not have an impact on an attitude. Raising an awareness of chemical-free foods and the environmentally friendly practice of an organic farming will be key strategies to develop the food market in Thailand’s urban society.